Privacy Policy

 Privacy policy

Thanks from our team for visiting our website, Style Next Step. We respect privacy taking into consideration Essential elements related to our business. The policy describes the information that we are collecting from you when you are downloading, accessing, or using the website or the mobile applications for the delivery of the information, offerings, products, as well as the content with the help of a mobile internet-connected device.

User consent

By using the services of the website, you are agreeing and providing the consent to our collection, use as well as sharing of the personal information.

Personal information collection

We are collecting your personal information from you to provide the relevant information as per your preferences. This type of personally identifiable information that gets collected by us is not limited to the name, address, email address, as well as information regarding the interest and use of the various services. Whenever you’re registering using the other accounts, including Gmail, Twitter, or Facebook, we have the right to retrieve the information from the accounts to continue to interact with you and provide you with the services. You can submit the name and email address for the subscription to our newsletters or also participate in the discussion forum.

The collection of the information by the third party sites

The website contains the links to the other websites whose privacy policies usually are different from ours. The visitors should always go through the site privacy notice to get the information before they access the information. We are also tied up with the third party advertiser who is recognising the unique cookie on the browser and users’ information regarding the visit to the website for providing advertisements regarding the goods and the services that might be interesting for you.

Log File information

We are also collecting the Limited information regarding the computers and connection to the internet, including the mobile number as well as the IP address. Whenever you are visiting our website application, then the IP address gets tracked by us automatically. We are receiving the information from your browser, including the IP address, the computer’s name, the operating system, device name, device serial number as well as unit identification number.

Links to the other website

Our website, Style Next Step, continues working with the links to the other websites. The privacy policy of these websites is not under our control. That being said, the information that you provide is governed by the privacy policy of the operator of the site that you are visiting.

Information from the other sources

We are receiving the information regarding you from the other sources in addition to the account information, and then we treat it according to our policies. If you are providing the information to the platform provider or any other partner that we are providing the services to then, there may be the chances that your information is getting passed on to us.

Information used by our company

The information that you are supplying to us enables us to go with the improvement of our services and helps us provide you with the desired experience. There may be certain cases of service or utility when there is a requirement for contacting through the address as well. All the required information that we have is service dependent, and the company can use the above-said user information for the maintenance protection and the improvement of the services. We are also using your email address for sending you the commercial or marketing messages regarding the services, additional updates and the features regarding the third party’s product.

In case you choose to decline to submit the personally identifiable information on the website, then there may be no chance of retrieving your data. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you regarding the same. In any case, we are not liable and responsible for the denial of certain services.

A highlight regarding the updates and the changes

The internet is an ever-evolving medium. We have the sole right for altering the policy from time to time and incorporate the necessary changes in the technology or any other information. In any case, we have the complete right to change the terms of the policy as well as the terms of use. Any changes that we are making will be sent to you in the form of notifications. You must go through our privacy policy page for staying updated regarding the changes that we have made.