Why You Should Consider a Career in Hospitality




As one of the world’s largest industries, hospitality is also one of the most exciting, dynamic and fastest-growing sectors to work in. From coffee shops and restaurants to hotels and bars, there are several advantages to working in a service-based business.

The hospitality industry can offer countless opportunities for you to advance your career and with a variety of roles and diverse specialisms, this article will highlight some of the reasons why you should consider a career in hospitality.

A Growing Industry 

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly affected every sector across the globe, forcing many businesses to close their doors permanently.  Over the last two years, hospitality, and in particular the hotel industry, has been amongst the hardest-hit industries.

The good news is, that as lockdowns begin to lift and businesses return to full swing, the hospitality industry looks set to grow. It is estimated that the global hospitality market size will grow to $4,548.42 billion in 2022, up from $3,952.87 billion last year. This represents an increase of just over 15% over a 12 month period.

Varied Work Life

Contrary to many traditional office-based jobs, where each day resembles the next, hospitality can offer you a role which is anything but mundane. Whether it’s hopping from one country to another or meeting and greeting new clients at your resort, a career in hospitality will fuel your creativity, break you free from routine and help you think outside the box. 

If you are seeking a career that can provide spontaneity and variety, a career in hospitality is ideal. One of the quickest ways to begin your career in this field is with a recognized qualification by undertaking one of the many hospitality courses on offer, equipping you with the skills you need to prepare you for a role in this industry.

Social Interactions

Whether it’s your customers or your colleagues, the nature of a service-oriented role means you will always be interacting with and meeting new people. Many people lack meaningful encounters in their work life, and often have little opportunity to engage with others. As increasing numbers of us are now working remotely, this may diminish even more. One of the benefits of working in the hospitality industry is that it allows you to interface with people frequently.

There is also great diversity in this industry as you will meet people from many different cultures and backgrounds, and those that are drawn to work in this area are friendly, enthusiastic and passionate people who are happy to serve. It is no surprise that hospitality was voted as one of the industries with the happiest employees.

Transferable Skills 

Working in hospitality can offer you a rich skill set that can serve as a great foundation for other areas within the sector as well as other industries. Examples of such transferable skills include crisis management, customer service, flexibility, time management, teamwork and attention to detail. These skills are all highly valued by employers and can set you apart when looking for new opportunities.

If you take pride in offering the highest level of service to your guests and clientele, the hospitality industry could be just what you are looking for.