Why La Plagne is the Perfect Destination for Mixed Ability Groups




Want to get away on a ski holiday with your nearest and dearest? If everyone in your group skis at a different ability level, you should think about heading to La Plagne in France. This resort is located on the edge of the Vanoise National Park and offers a great range of slopes for skiers of all abilities. Let’s take a closer look at why this might be just the place for you”

Fantastic Beginner and Intermediate Slopes

Many of the beginner areas around La Plagne can be accessed without needing to pay for a lift pass. They are also sectioned off from the higher runs, so there is no stress of having an inconsiderate pro zip past you when you are trying to get to grips with how to ski. 83 of the 132 pistes at La Plagne are either blue or green, so the more nervous skiers in your party should have some great opportunities to build their confidence on the slopes. 

Intermediate skiers need not worry – purchasing a La Plagne ski pass will allow access to the more difficult slopes. You should also be able to buy a pass for the neighbouring Les Arcs too if you want to check out some of the other slopes in the region. Just make sure you check out the snow forecasts for La Plagne each morning so you know what to expect on the slopes!

Great Places to Stay

No matter how many people are in your group, you should have no trouble finding somewhere for you all to stay. The La Plagne resort is made up of a series of villages, all with their own range of accommodation, so you should hopefully be able to find something that suits your needs as a group.

There are three main choices – hotels, apartments, and chalets. Hotels are great if you just want to get out and spend all day, every day, on the slopes without having to worry about meals or anything else. However, if you want some private space where you can come together as a friendship group to relax and chat, you should think about a chalet or some apartments.

Nightlife and Restaurants

Of course, a resort like La Plagne is going to offer much more than just ski slopes. If you want to head out with your friends in the evening, you will find plenty of restaurants and bars to head to. There is a free shuttle service between each village too, so don’t think you are limited to what is on your doorstep!

Matafan is a local favourite packed with Savoyard specialities, while the restaurant at the Carlina Hotel is perfect for those on the hunt for something more refined. You should also make the trip up to Forperet where you can pick up some wonderful tastes of local cuisine, such as tartiflette. On top of these eateries are all the other events you could stop by in the evening. From ice climbing to live bands and DJ sets, there is always something to head to!

La Plagne is one of the best destinations for skiers around the world. It does not matter if some of your friends have never strapped on a pair of skis here, there are plenty of easy slopes and instructors here waiting to help them out! Everyone should go away on a ski trip with their friends at least once, and La Plagne could be just the destination for you! Find out more about the slopes and accommodation options, then get it booked!