What Advantages Does Shopify Offer To Create An Online Store?




This is one of the most recommended platforms for setting up your e-commerce. We tell you how you can take advantage of it for the benefit of your business.

With the technological resources that we have available today, you have no excuse: it is time for you to create your online store. If you are in this task, at “eventige.com” shopify expert want to provide you with valuable information so that you know how to do it and that your business increases its sales and reaches a greater number of customers. One of the easiest ways to do this is through Shopify.

This is one of the most popular virtual store creation platforms for its simplicity and agility in its use, which allows you to have your site in a short time and ready for you to sell more online, after paying a subscription that gives you access to all your resources.

You can benefit from Shopify by following these tips:

  1. Creation of online stores:It is made especially for the creation of online stores unlike other platforms that provide this service, Shopify was presented since its launch with this intention, and therefore its configuration is very simple, intuitive and offers basic and advanced levels according to knowledge that you have.
  2. A growing platform: Shopify is one of the most popular online store creation resources in recent times; After WooCommerce, it is the most used in the world with about 18% market share according to BuiltWith. This endorses it as a recommended platform.
  3. Integration with all means of payment and shipping methods: This is one of the most attractive facilities offered by this platform, and it allows businesses to automate their purchasing processes to be more efficient, centralizing all this operation in the same place.
  4. It is backed by large chains: Many retail companies, with a high volume of online sales and that handle large logistics processes for shipments and deliveries; have used Shopify to create their online stores, which supports their operation.
  5. Detailed report of sales statistics: With Shopify, your business will have real-time statistics on hand of how your sales are behaving; this will help you make intelligent decisions in your promotions or inventories to manage the movement of your products or services.
  6. Includes hosting and domain: When creating the online store on this platform these resources are already included, therefore you will no longer have to think of them as an additional value. It also offers advantages for drop shipping, that is, you can offer products that you do not have in your inventory and then order them from a supplier in exchange for a commission.
  7. You can advertise within the same platform: This function is key since you can boost the positioning of your business in the same Shopify ecosystem.
  8. More scalability of your online store: As Shopify offers advanced subscription plans; it gives you the possibility to increase the capacity of your hosting and to appear in more categories in the application stores of the platform.
  9. Access to your application store: In this you will find very interesting resources that will enrich your site, such as the possibility of linking a chat to improve customer service and thereby optimize your business model.
  10. Link campaigns to close purchases: In online stores it is common for some customers to choose products or services but do not finish completing their order. With Shopify you can generate email reminder messages for the user to return to the site and complete the purchase.

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This process is very fast. So you will not have to worry when you make a sale and need to dispatch your order to your client, as he will self-manage his request.

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