Water Purification System And Its Importance In Our Daily Life




India being the developing country, has become the home of various kinds of pollution, and among all, water pollution is one of the biggest issues. However, water pollution is harming our nation, but almost every country is suffering from water pollution.

Water pollution kills millions of people globally every year, and in India, this ratio is in lakhs. So it has become essential for all to protect themselves from water pollution. In this process, a water purifier helps you properly.

A water purification system can eliminate all kinds of contamination present in the water and make it safe for human consumption. Previously one of the best water purification methods was boiling water, but with the passing year, the rigidness of the water pollution has increased and now only boiling of water is not sufficient for eliminating the entire form of contamination from water.

Types Of Water Purification System

Water purification is of various types, such as water purifiers and water softeners. Here we will be discussing in detail. So read this till the end to clear your doubt about water purification systems.

#1. Water Purifier

A water purifier is a machine that is used to eliminate the contamination present in the water. It can eliminate all kinds of contamination like microbial and dissolved salts present in water, thus becoming safe for human consumption. A water purifier is mainly based on advanced technologies like reverse osmosis, Ultraviolet rays and Ultra-Filtration technology.

These technologies are sufficient to punch out all kinds of contamination present in the water. Although all of these technologies have their significance like an RO water purifier is known for eliminating TDS, i.e., total dissolved salts, dissolved microbes, and various others, whereas a UV water purifier and UF water purifier is known for eliminating microbial contamination and partially large size dissolved salts from the water respectively. Therefore, water treated by water purifiers are entirely safe for human consumption. A water purifier is suitable for all kinds of water sources like an overhead tank, bore-well water, municipal water, etc.

#2. Water Softener

It is also a water purification system and replaces calcium and Magnesium with Sodium in water. Excess concentration of calcium and magnesium salts makes your water hard, and hard water is not considered safe for humans.

A water softener treats water and converts hard water into soft water. There are various kinds of water softener in the market: ion exchange, electromagnetic water softener, and various others.

Note- water treated by a water softener is not safe for human consumption. A water softener eliminates only the salts of calcium and magnesium with sodium but does not eliminate other impurities present in the water.

Benefits Of Having A Water Purification System

Although there are various benefits of having a water purification system here, we share some of the crucial benefits of having a water purification system.

  • Protect Us From Waterborne Diseases- Drinking of contaminated water leads to various fatal waterborne diseases, but water treated by water purification has no contamination; thus, it reduces the chance of getting waterborne diseases
  • Eliminate All Kinds Of Contamination- A water purifier punches out all form of contamination like microbes, dissolved salts, and other physical or chemical impurities to make water clean and healthy
  • Remove Unpleasant Odor From Water– Generally, water has no odor, but water impurities add an unpleasant odor to the water. A water purifier eliminates all those impurities which cause unpleasant odor in water and ruin your taste buds
  • Save Your Money– Drinking clean and clear water is important, and those who don’t have a water purifier stay dependent on “Can water,” and this can be costly (do your calculation); thus, installation of a water purifier protects you from these issues
  • Environmental Friendly– When you use packed water bottle for drinking water you leads to the garbage which leads to the pollution and harms the atmosphere, but the installation of water purifier reduces plastic garbage thus it is eco-friendly


One-third of the earth’s surface contains water, but only 3% of the total water available on earth is suitable for drinking. And it is human’s activity that has polluted the freshwater source badly, and now it is not considered safe for drinking. So installation of a water purification system has become crucial for almost all houses in India.

Uses of contaminated water not only affect your health but also cause baldness, heavy hair fall, wrinkles and various other issues. But with the help of the best and technologically advanced water purification system, water can be made safe for human consumption. But for this, one should consider buying the best and technologically advanced water purification system for their house.