Trollishly’s 8 Incredible Ideas to Make Celebrities Notice You on Instagram 




In today’s advanced era, people get a golden opportunity to connect and interact with celebrities with the advent of social media platforms. Though there are a plethora of networking sites, Instagram is a golden ticket for people who are so obsessed with celebrities. 

Individuals as well as brands secretly work on their strategies to steal the spotlight. A notable fact is that they buy instagram video views to widen the content reach and get in the eyes of famous personalities. 

Do you want to fulfill your dream of getting noticed by celebrities on Instagram? Then, you are at the right place. This article will guide you to walk on the right path to attaining your goal. So, let’s dive into the central part without further ado! 

#1 Determine Your Intention 

Before getting started with the concept, it is essential to check your intention. Ask yourself, ‘Why do you want to make celebrities notice you?’. The answer may be to feel good, show off your fandom, or other reasons. Whatever, make sure your intention is good, and it will not impact anyone at any instance. 

#2 Optimize Your Instagram Profile 

Look out for your favorite celebrities on Instagram and follow them to proceed with further steps. Remember that a star will follow you until or unless you are a popular figure. So, it is better to make your profile public and always make it visible to them. 

The next step that you want to do is to set up your account in such a way that it is authentic and appealing. Upload a good profile picture, complete your bio, and set a unique theme. In addition, get the help of Trollishly to increase your following and strengthen your profile promptly. 

#3 Share Content That Interests Them 

One of the finest ways to grab the attention of respective celebrities is through your unique content. First, spend time researching their likes and dislikes of them. Also, go through the profile they follow and what type of content interests them. 

Then, unleash your creativity in your own way and impress your beloved personalities, whether you are an individual or a brand. In simple terms, you need to give a reason for them to notice you amidst tons of audience. 

#4 Always Be Active on Their Profile

Instagram presents an exciting feature called ‘Turn On Notifications’ to get notified whenever users post something on their profile. This is what you want to do and make the most out of it. Always be the first person to view the post and comment on it. 

Avoid generic comments such as I’m your fan, First comment, and other general comments. Instead, go with the phrases or words that let them interact with you. When you keep on mentioning good comments for a long time at regular intervals, you will be noticed for sure. 

#5 Send Personalized Messages

Aside from comments, make use of the DM (Direct Message) feature of Instagram. It is common for most fans to send messages like Hi, Reply to me in a way that bothers the celebrities’ routine. 

So, kindly keep away from these kinds of words and explain what you want to convey precisely in a reasonable manner. You can even ask questions if they share any life events. Send your regards in case of any unpleasant situations. Apart from these, you can send messages that show your supportiveness and thoughtfulness. 

#6 Make Sure to Join Live Videos 

Generally, celebrities like to host live videos to connect with the audience and share their current happenings. So, whenever you receive a notification for live videos join them without missing them. Try to share your thoughts or do relevant comments on their video in a positive way. This way, the specific celebrity may get to know about you, and there are chances to notice your works on Instagram. 

#7 Create Dedicated Content & Show Your Specialty

It’s time to show off your talents and make a good impression. Yes! It is a classic idea that every fan adapts to showcase their presence and connect with their favorite celebrities. So, you are about to do the same to fulfilling your dream. 

Do a little more research about the celebrity and choose a special occasion for them. Then, make something memorable, like releasing cover songs or an art masterpiece, and post it as a video or story by tagging their profile on Instagram. 

Otherwise, involved in social activities such as helping the needy, donating food, or anything that emotionally impacts the particular personality. Keep in mind that you are working towards getting noticed by popularity and not for gaining popularity. 

Then, put efforts into making your content reach a wider audience and bring better engagement with Trollishly. There are more chances to reap double rewards; one is getting noticed by your targeted celebrity and featured on the ‘Explore’ page of Instagram. Whatever you achieve will make your profile stand out from the crowd. 

#8 Build a Fan Page / Repost Posts

As an Instagram user, you might have seen tons of fan pages created and maintained by generic people. The main objective behind this is to spread the words of famous figures as well as make an impression.

Why not follow this idea to attain your goal? If you are really fond of that personality and have sufficient time, build an exclusive fan page to spread good things about them. Even you can share the posts that inspire you on your profile. 

Experiment with different content formats by employing the in-app features and posting consistently. It is recommended to share the unique posts with them directly via DMs. Obviously, your page will get caught in the eyes of a famous person one day, even if it takes time.

The Bottom Line

Thus these are the tricks that you can try out to win the probability game of getting noticed by celebrities on Instagram. Since there is not a single or exact formula, consider the information mentioned above and wait to yield the expected outcome. 

Though it takes time never show your disappointment through hate comments as it may ruin your efforts. So be patient and keep working on your efforts to achieve the result that you deserve and desire.