Top 7 Plants For Gifting In 2022

A Potted Plant is an elegant gift that can be given to loved ones for any occasion. It is the perfect and amazing gift that keeps on giving. Plants make amazing gifts for your loved ones. Giving plants can be a great gift choice since they are constantly changing in appearance. However, studies show that plants are one of the best gifts when it comes to thoughtful gifting. The gift of a houseplant is a wonderful gift for anyone from the novice indoor gardener to the experienced. The health benefits from oxygenation and proper circulation of carbon dioxide, as well as the feel-good factor from watching something grow and revive, make this gift a hit for all ages. Houseplants can purify the air too. So, here are the Top 7 Plants you should go for gifting in 2022.

  1. Lily Plant:
    The Lily Plant is a gift that keeps on giving. What’s unique is that this gift preserves aspects of your relationship together as she grows and cherishes it as a house plant (growing Lily flowers will grow upward out of the pot and never outward). The Lily Plant should be planted in the Spring, while the ground is still cool! Work the soil thoroughly with a garden fork, dig a deep hole where you want to plant your Lily Bulbs, make the hole 2 inches deeper than the height of the Lily Bulbs you are planting.
  2. Jade Plant:
    Jade Plant is a succulent plant. Jade plants are native to South Africa, Mexico, Central America, and Brazil. Jade plants are so popular all over the world because they are easy to care for, high in ornamental value, available in assorted styles, and offered at affordable prices. The Jade Plant is not only easy to care for, but the ideal specimen for adding natural style to your home or office. If you can meet its watering needs (once every two weeks) and ensure it gets at least 6 hours of sunlight each day, your plant should grow quickly.
  3. Snake Plant:
    A Snake plant is a slow-growing indoor house plant. It does well in low light and gives off oxygen during the night. The snake plants unique, upright leaves rise from a thick stem with a decorative dark stripe running down the middle. These plants are very low maintenance, but they do require a little bit of sunlight each day. Any window will do. They’re called Snake Plants because the leaves resemble a snake’s skin and little spikes are lining the edges. This is a self-cleaning plant, so from time to time, you may have to give it a light dusting of calcium carbonate or with a slightly damp piece of cloth.
  4. Ficus:
    The Ficus or Fig Plant is a common indoor plant. This plant has been growing for many years in Southern Asia and the Middle East. This plant can nicely grow to a height of 20 feet. In India, it may be kept indoors in the room because of its decorative features. The Ficus plant has large leathery green leaves along with yellowish stalks that contain small purple buds that explode into frothy white flowers.
  5. Aralia:
    An aralia plant is a great addition to any interior design. While it may look like a palm tree, the Aralia plant is actually more related to ivy or holly. It’s easy to care for and has many uses other than home decor. The green leaves of the Aralia plant are green with reddish-brown markings which make them resemble a small palm tree. The Aralia plant grows best in indirect sunlight or partial sunlight. The plant’s large leaves make it a great foliage plant, but make sure you select a cultivar for your climate. 
  6. Areca Palm:
    The Areca Palm Plant makes a bold statement in any indoor or outdoor space. The Areca Palm plant has broad, dark-green leaves that are spade-shaped at the base. There are variegated varieties of this plant that have an interesting gold band around the mid-rib. Plus this areca palm plant thrives in compact spaces. Once established, these areca plants do not require much water maintenance making it easier for you to keep them alive and thriving.
  7. Philodendron Plant:
    The Philodendron plant is a dynamic and fast-growing houseplant that has been popular for years. Often known as just Philodendrons, these plants may be one of the most common indoor plants in the United States. The Philodendron family consists of many diverse species and varieties, but can typically be found growing outdoors in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, or South America. The Philodendron Plant is a great choice for the indoor gardener that wants a beautiful & easy to grow house plant. It offers year-round interest and can provide a tropical feel to any room.

So, here were the Top 7 Plants you should go for gifting in 2022. You can also opt for ordering Online Plants to receive them easily at your doorstep! So, give the gift of life, the gift that lives, and surprise your loved ones like never before!

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