Top 5 Myths About Hijama (Cupping Therapy)




There are a number of health treatments and alternative medications that are in talks these days. The authenticity of these treatments is not very much trusted. A number of people believe it while others think that all these alternative medication techniques are nothing but just bizarre modes of treatment that don’t do anything but destruction. 

One of the experts who perform the best hijama in Lahore says that a number of patients who don’t really believe in this therapy get to believe that it works after taking one or two sessions. People say that medicine is the cure for every disease. You don’t have to pay attention to these useless therapies. However, it is a full-fledged procedure.  

What actually is hijama?

It is a method that is used in order to suck out the immobile blood out of the body. It improves the circulation of blood and fixes a number of other health issues. The basic purpose s to remove the harmful substances from the body and the toxins that are damaging to the body. The number of people who are skeptical when it comes to hijama is huge. They think that it’s just a loss of blood and nothing more than that. 

In order to make people understand, it is very important for them to know, what actually is this technique. Well, keep reading this article if you want to know the truths about hijama. As there are a number of misconceptions and myths made up. 

Mth 1: There is no proof that hijama works

The first misconception that is quite common among people is that there is no proof that hijama works. This is somewhat true, as scientifically it has not been proven completely. But it should be kept in mind that significant results have been seen when it comes to the treatment of back pain using hijama approach. People with other issues like acne and bone pain also go for hijama as there are clear results that speak for themself. 

It is beneficial when the other traditional methods stop working. It has been in practice for thousands of years so I guess this is enough for people to take as proof to believe that hijama actually works. 

Myth 2: There only are shallow advantages of cupping

While going through cupping you all observe that there is a vacuum effect attached to it. This effect aims at the skin and numerous tissues. This results in an increase in blood flow and the amplification of the capillaries. This then brings a huge supply of oxygen to the rudimentary tissues. 

This then increases the amount of fluid that is departing and arriving the tissues to carry more nutrients to the area. Cupping helps a lot in decreasing muscle pain, swelling, and cramping. People say that these physiological effects can improve recovery and decrease acute pain. 

Myth 3:  It is a self-contained treatment 

This is completely wrong about hijama. This never works alone for the issues that are there for a long period of time. It is always a part of some treatment to increase the recovery or to provide better treatment.  Some other exercises should also be incorporated by the therapist in order to treat a condition.  

Myth 4: It is very risky and harmful

People think that the treatment in which burns or cuts are involved are very dangerous and harmful. However, this is not the case with hijama, as the cups used are made up of plastic and those are extremely easy to use. When a trained therapist does the procedure the risk factor is eliminated there and then. 

So the element of harm and danger should not be associated with hijama as it is a widely used practice. 

Myth 5: It is a new therapy so it can never be trusted 

This is not a new therapy, as it has been in practice for several years now. Our ancestors must have had a lot of these. Us as the new generation believe that these practices were only made for old times, however, these work great in today’s date too. 


Hijama is a very old practice and has been benefiting people for a long time now. I hope the above-mentioned myths have cleared a lot of your confusion.