Top 4 Tips for Designing Successful Bumper Stickers




Car stickers and vehicle decals are a multipurpose marketing tool that includes promotion, information sharing, marketing, advertising, etc. There are some types of car stickers whose primary purpose is to share the brand message. These types of stickers are known as bumper decals. Bumper stickers are installed on promotional vehicles. The bumper stickers can be religious, humorous, commercial, or secular. Most business owners use bumper stickers to promote their brands and enhance the visibility of their businesses. As business owners know the importance of bumper stickers, manufacturers have also increased their production rate. 

However, you need to showcase your creativity while installing bumper stickers to capture the attention of target customers. Remember that you need to design bumper stickers that will help your brand to stand apart from your competitors. This is why you need to design the bumper stickers carefully. In this article, we will discuss 3 great tips that will help you to design attractive, cool, and effective bumper stickers for your brand. These stickers will undoubtedly increase the success of your business. 

Important Tips for Designing Bumper Stickers

People rely on their visual memory. This means that when someone notices an attractive advertising method, it will stick in their head for a while. Additionally, the person will remember the company associated with the advertisement campaign. Here are 3 tips to create successful bumper car stickers

Make the Message as Simple as Possible

Adding a brand message to your bumper stickers is undoubtedly one of the best ways to increase its effectiveness. As per Business2community, brand message distinguishes you from your competitors. Therefore, if you want to include the messaging of your brand in your bumper stickers, make sure it is simple. Your customers won’t get too much time to read the content of the stickers. Therefore, your message needs to be as simple as possible. Stressing the viewers will complicated messages will create a bad impression of your business as people won’t be able to interpret them easily. Don’t use long statements. Instead, be precise and describe important information with fewer words. 

Generate Curiosity

People are always curious to know more about a brand. They will always want to know the next part of your brand message. Therefore, don’t include the entire brand message on your stickers. Doing so will enhance the curiosity of your target customers that would ultimately make them visit your business. The message on your bumper car stickers needs to be short yet attractive so that people feel interested to visit your shop. This is a great way to promote your products and services without using direct marketing tools. 

Use Readable Fonts

This is one of the most crucial bumper sticker designing tips you need to remember. The quality and size of the fonts on the car stickers need to be large enough so that people can read the content from a distance. Additionally, make sure the headline takes the most places of your bumper stickers. Use uppercase letters and lowercase letters to improve the legibility of your stickers. While choosing the fonts, don’t pick something fancy. Instead, use legible fonts such as Impact, Arial, Interstate, etc. 


These are the top 3 tips you should remember while designing bumper stickers for your business. When you implement these tips, you can take your car sticker marketing campaign to the next level.