Title: 9 Reason Why US Education System is Failing




The academic system of the US was made to meet the demands of the economic revolution providing elementary education to the people. Very simple, right? So, why are we failing to refuse and observe to admit that the demands are very different today! But no one is taking any step to bring evolution to the scary education system. This will define the failure of the internal systems of our country soon if the social ignorance is not reduced. 

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Destructive System Errors in the US Education System

Here are the nine reasons why the education system is failing in the US – 

1. Negative Diversity

As the number of international students in the US increases dramatically, students can find huge diversity in their learning courses offered by the US education system. Different states have a diverse curriculum of courses that is confusing for students and varying education standards. In addition, it is creating a gap between students and rising inequality in the workplace because employers tend to take students who have been in a prestigious university.  

2. Parents are not involved

The classroom time is not enough for teachers to instruct every student. They can’t teach why students need to learn. That is why it is necessary to give more time outside the school hour. Socio-economic differences deprived students of getting parents’ Essay help because everyone does not get a chance for higher studies. But the students of middle or upper-class families also face this problem of not getting enough involvement from their parents. So, they are overdependent on school, and their career is at high risk. 

3. Overcrowded classroom

The smaller the class, the better the chance of getting individual learning. According to a National Center for Education Statistics study, 14% of US educational institutions have no capacity at all. Students need more attention to achieve success than ever in this advanced learning age, but overcrowded classrooms make it impossible for students to get proper learning in school. 

4. Deficit in government funding  

Funding was and is always an issue for schools. And one of the most significant issues the American education system is facing today is government funding. You will feel ashamed if you know that schools are getting lower funds than during the great recession in some states. So now the question is how more inadequate funding is killing the schools. More insufficient funding means fewer teachers and resources, and that is affecting students very much. 

5. Tuition Fees

One of the significant obstacles in the US education system is the cost of quality higher education. It is the highest among every country, and it reaches more than 50,000 dollars per year. For example, according to a survey, MIT’s nine-month tuition fee was 43,720 dollars from 2014 to 2015.

In addition, due to the immigration status of international students, the possible educational loans are limited. So, you can understand that studying in the US is not an easy job to do. 

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6. Holistic Admission process

You have to face a complicated admission process in the US as compared to any other country. For students who want to apply to US universities, a solid academic result is a must to be eligible for admission to the top universities. And not only academically, but they have to be strong socially too. They have to participate in community activities, volunteer in social work, social projects, etc. Actually, top universities in the US only consider all-rounder students who can indulge and participate in different competitions and events. And also, there are so many admission tests like TOEFL, SAT, IELTS, MCAT, or ACT that you have to take to get admission. No doubt that it is a very tiring and lengthy process for students. 

7. Challenges with technology

Today students are growing up with advanced technology, and they expect the same in the classroom too. But there is a conflict about how schools can use technology. Supporters of the technology say that it can help to engage students more than ever and provides instant access to up-to-date resources. But the critics say that it can distract students and pave the path of more cheating. 

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8. Bullying in schools

One of the significant issues that are affecting student life is violence. Ragging and bullying are critical contributors to this. According to the National Center of Education Statistics, more than 20% of students in grades 6 to 12 are victims of bullying on the school campus. In 2007, this percentage was 32%. And the problem with these statistics is many students never report their bullying events. As a result, bullied students face mental breakdowns in their academic lives and their personal lives. 

9. Ancient Training methods

Students need to respect the ancient culture and the people, but the problem is that we live in a society that depends on technology today. So, the old techniques and training are not working today. 

Parting Words,

The American education system is bound with problems. But it can be ended and changed if the government thinks about it and take proper steps. First, they can arrange the required funds and infrastructures. Then, the government can provide advanced training sessions for the teachers also.

There is still hope to evaluate all the errors. However, public education needs to be a privilege rather than a right. 

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