Things to Try in the Bedroom to Transform Your Sex Life




You likely couldn’t keep your hands off your partner at the start of your relationship. After spending many hours exploring their bodies and learning everything about them, you now likely know your partner like the back of your hand.

As a result, that burning flame might have turned into more of a consistent glow. Yet, you can keep the fire burning strong by embracing new toys, tactics, and techniques throughout your relationship. Here are some things to try in the bedroom that could transform your sex life.


Bring your biggest sexual fantasies to life by roleplaying in the bedroom to spice things up. Playing another person or character could improve your sexual confidence, which will allow you to become more uninhibited during sex. 

For example, you could dress up as a naughty nurse, a police officer, or a teacher. It will allow you both to have some fun in the bedroom and maybe even unleash a sexual side you never knew you had inside you.

Sex Toys

Every single person and couple should own sex toys for a more exciting sex life. Give yourself and your partner a bigger thrill by using a dildo in the bedroom, which you could even add onto a strap-on for improved intimacy and control.

Find the perfect dildo for you at, such as double-ended dildos, strap-on dildos, or scissoring vibrators. It will improve pleasure in the bedroom, which will strengthen your connection outside of it.

Mutual Masturbation

If you and your partner have never masturbated together, it is one activity you should try the next time you are in the bedroom. Watching your other half pleasure themselves in front of you can be a big turn-on. Plus, they will learn about your likes when watching you touch yourself in the privacy of your bedroom. 

You could even ask your partner to tell you what to do during masturbation, which will allow them to feel a part of your pleasure. Mutual masturbation is a great way to learn about each other’s preferences, and it could keep the spark alive in your sex life.

Outdoor Sex

Bedroom sex can feel predictable, boring, and unexciting. If you want to get your heart racing during sex, go outdoors. For example, you could get intimate at a secluded drive-in, a public bathroom, or a campsite. The thrill of getting caught will make sex more fun and exhilarating, and you will both make memories that will bring a smile to your face.


If your sex life has fizzled in recent months or years, you might need to inject some much-needed fun, spontaneity, or fantasy into intercourse. Don’t be afraid to dress up as a character, introduce sex toys, or step outside the bedroom to enjoy hot, unforgettable sex with your partner. New environments, different toys, and new tactics will ensure you both feel excited about sex while providing many unforgettable memories to look back on.