The Different Types Of Cannabis Products You Are Likely To Find In The Market




The cannabis industry is growing in popularity, and with that, many by-products are created. We bet you’ve come across one or two products that have cannabis as an ingredient. 

While marijuana is not legal in all states, some of these products through regulation have been legalized. Now you can consume marijuana for recreational use and medical purposes.

Nowadays, cannabis is infused into beauty products, oils, tinctures, pain-relieving balms, etc. This article will outline some of the cannabis by-products that are on the market. If you are looking to start using any of the products for whichever benefit, then read on. The article will give you some insight into which one is best for you.

Cannabis beauty and skincare products

As cannabis grows in popularity and more states are legalizing it, companies saw the need and benefits of CBD on the skin, and they created skincare products infused with cannabis. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, and researchers claim that this property, when applied to the skin, helps fight acne, provides hydration, and others also claim to provide pain relief and a euphoric/relaxed feeling. Skincare products with CBD are now sold online. There are lotions for the skin, which provide clearer skin. Some balms offer relief from aches and pain.

The CBD skincare market has almost everything imaginable, including lip balms and mascara. There are also bath salts and bath bombs you can use in the bathtub and soak in for some relaxed and soothing feeling. There is also the option of body wash you can use in the shower. 

When buying CBD products, ask about the ingredients, such as the percentage of THC in the product. This is essential because the type of cannabinoids used in the products will determine the effects they provide. 

Remember, for any skincare product you purchase before applying to your skin, ensure you do a patch test to determine how your skin will react with new products.

CBD oil

CBD oil is another by-product of cannabis that is very popular and has been used to provide very many health benefits. CBD oil is used in different products in the health and wellness world, with scientific studies confirming CBD oil in treating anxiety and chronic pain.

You can consume cannabis oil in itself or in different ways. The versatility of CBD oils is what makes them so popular. CBD oil has a low percentage of THC, so it won’t give you the normal high that’s associated with taking marijuana. 

You will still get the benefits such as pain relief or anxiety relief without the psychoactive after-effects related to cannabis. Most athletes use CBD oil post-workout because they say CBD helps with inflammation and promotes muscle growth. Other health benefits CBD oil has helped treat include epilepsy, insomnia, and help with cancer treatments.

CBD oil is sold in various forms, such as e-liquids, where you can use vaping tools to inhale its vapor for maximum benefits. There are also CBD tinctures in which people consume a few drops by placing them under the tongue and CBD capsules you take like regular pills.

Cannabis-infused drinks

Cannabis-infused drinks are not a popular as CBD oil or CBD skincare products, but they are slowly creating a buzz in the cannabinoids realm. Cocktails infused with cannabis are still in the making, but a few bars in the states are offering them. Some people even claim that drinking cannabis-infused drinks makes them stop craving alcohol because cannabis still gives you that high with consuming only a modest amount.

Should cannabis continue being legalized in more states, then the cannabis-infused drinks industry might grow. Diageo, the company that makes Johnny Walker, Baileys, Smirnoff, and a few other known drinks, is said to be in talks with cannabis growers from Canada. Maybe they may release a cannabis beverage that can be sold all over.

Some coffee shops are also selling cannabis-infused coffee; there are also cannabis fizz drinks which are perfect for giving you a calming effect for people who experience anxiety a lot.

Cannabis edibles

The food industry has seen cannabis edibles become popular among consumers in recent years. Edibles are one way of consuming cannabis to get high because they have cannabis concentrates with higher potency. Common edibles you may come across are CBD gummies, brownies, cookies, candies, chocolates, etc.

Edibles can be taken for fun and can be used to manage insomnia, anxiety, and chronic pain. Before taking any edibles for any purpose, you should know the dosage they contain. 

When taking edible, the high doesn’t hit straight away. It will take half an hour to 3 hours for the high to kick in. so you should be very careful not to take too much because once the high kicks in, it might be overwhelmingly uncomfortable for you if you’ve had too much. Ensure you buy your edibles from a known source so that the exact dosage used is known.

If it’s your first time taking edibles, ensure you start with a lower dosage until you determine your tolerance. Then with time, as you get used to it, you can increase your dosage.

Cannabis pet treats

Yes, there are cannabis products you can give your dog. However, don’t confuse the edibles mentioned above and offer that to your pet. That would be dangerous because the dosage is too high for a pet. There are specific dog treats that companies have made.

Cannabis pet treats are used to treat pets with pain relief, cancer, and even epilepsy. But be careful about using cannabis for your pet as the FDA has not regulated pet treats, and giving your dog CBD treats high in THC is not good. It may cause the dog to be drowsy or lower blood pressure. Even though the drop in blood pressure may be minimal, it will still cause your pet to be lightheaded. Also, ensure you provide your pet with enough hydration when using CBD because it is known to cause dry mouth caused by a reduction of saliva. Give your pet enough water.