Technology for Solo Living




No experience can help you become as self-aware as living on your own. While it might seem overwhelming and daunting at first, there are various ways to make it easy. The rise in the popularity of solo living in the digital age has a lot to do with technology’s ease into our lives. Solo living can be super fun and easy if you have the right tools and technological devices with you. Here are our top 5 technological picks for solo living:

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Solo living can get even better when you don’t have to worry about cleaning your home. There is a huge variety of smart vacuum cleaners available in the market. While these vacuum cleaners aren’t the best fit for big families, they are an essential part of the home for those who live alone. These smart vacuum cleaners will keep your home clean for you. Since no home gets dirty when only one person is living in it, the charge and the vacuum bag should last you for a couple of weeks. 


I-scooters are already immensely popular among the youth. They are cost-efficient, easy to maintain, and also fun. It doesn’t matter if you plan to live alone in a big city or a small town, an i-scooter can make your life significantly easier. If you need any recommendations for high-quality, budget-friendly i-scooters, check out segway ninebot

Smart Alarm

Solo living shouldn’t have to come with security issues. If you ever move out on your own, installing a smart alarm should be your priority. Smart alarms are more reliable than traditional security devices. Most of them come with built-in CCTV cameras so you can keep an eye on who passes by your front door. 

They also notify you if anyone even passes by your home’s windows or doors or pauses at them.

Besides monitoring your home yourself, you can also ask trusted friends or your family members to keep a check on you and your home. If you ever feel unsafe at home, you can signal your friends and family to notify the authorities and ensure your safety immediately. 

Single Induction Cooktops

Solo living doesn’t have to come with constant takeouts either. Single induction cooktops can make cooking for one easier and efficient. Their compact size can fit even the smallest kitchen space. Moreover, the controlled temperature and cooking time will allow you to do more in little time. 

Smart Lighting System

No, you don’t have to rip out the complete electric system in your home to make use of this technology. You can utilize this technology to make your life easy by simply replacing all the light bulbs with smart bulbs. 

Smart light bulbs are designed to fit in the traditional light sockets and only require an internet connection. Once all your light bulbs are connected to the internet, you can choose a central location in your home to control them or have the same feature installed on your smartphone. You won’t need to double-check switches, stub your toe in darkness, or worry about power usage ever again!

Finally, if you are thinking about living solo, make friends with technology. It will make your life much more secure, efficient, and comfortable.