Staying in Shape During the Holidays




Holidays are the most enjoyable time for anyone. It is a time of year when you set aside petty differences, share meals, and exchange gifts. While there is no shortage of pleasantries and delicious food, the holidays can also leave many people with unwanted extra pounds, meaning it might be time to pull that commuter hybrid bike out of the garage for several spins around the block. 

Part of the joy of the holidays is eating and sharing meals with friends and family. You shouldn’t have to avoid it, and most people feel free to make the holidays a guilt-free experience. Thankfully, by combining some healthy habits with some not-so-healthy indulgences, you can still make the most of your holiday season. 

Guilt-Free Temptations

While a ladies bike can help you burn off some of those extra holiday calories, it is often better to indulge in guilt-free temptations. For instance, many people love eating sweets over the holidays. If you want something sweet, consider looking into sugar or fat-free desserts. You can often find puddings and candies to help curb your sweet tooth that won’t curb your waistline. 

Additionally, know that some indulgences are OK. You can share in a piece of cake or pie; just limit how much you enjoy. For instance, don’t have a dessert with every meal. Also, maybe limit your candy intake to a tiny piece per day. Instead of eating larger portions of sweets, consider savoring a single treat over a couple of days. 

Burning Off Those Celebration Calories

There are many ways to burn off those celebration calories, including walking or other traditional exercises. However, you can also cycle for weight loss. Cycling is an effective aerobic workout, and it is something you can do as easily in the winter months as in the summer. While some people might speculate that riding is a summer activity, there is a large population of winter riding enthusiasts. 

However, if you are going to ride in the winter, you will want to make sure you have all the appropriate equipment and know how to maintain your bike in the cold. You will need proper attire, and you will need to ensure the tire treads and pressure are adequate for cold weather riding. 

Before you opt for winter riding or cycling as exercise in the colder weather, make sure you take all appropriate precautions. A cycling professional can help you figure out adequate tire pressure and select suitable winter tires. If you plan on riding snow-covered trails, you might want to consider studded winter tires, which are tires with metal studs in the treads for better traction and grip on icy paths. 

Visiting your local bike shop should be beneficial as most of the employees will be educated in bike safety and mechanics, allowing them to provide advice for cold-weather riding and maintenance. Head over to your local bike shop for assistance and browse the aisles for accessories to add some holiday cheer to your bike.