Rafting and Camps in Kundalika, Kolad




Looking for an exceptional experience? Testify to rafting camps in Kundalika, not just for fun, but also for relaxing from the turmoil of the region. You can take a look at cascading waters along the dam-controlled channel. They combine excellent camping with adrenaline-pumping rafting under the breathtaking sky.

You will create eternal memories while staying at the Kundalika Rafting camps, as this is a one-of-a-kind experience. You won’t even regret your time spent here, whether you’re with your crowd or your family. The views along the camps are truly attractive in the Sahyadris!

Rafting in Kundalika River

Choose your kind of rafting grade and plan for this adventure to feel your heart stop thumping. Book a package that matches your needs with other adventures, such as rappelling or a free bonfire.

Enjoy adrenaline pumping at the rapids of Saje, a small town along the banks of the Kundalika River. The distant hamlet is only 120 kms away, and 100 kms from Pune, a short drive from Mumbai. Located under the Mulshi and the Bhira Dams in the virgin forests. Please spend two hours on this exclusive rafting site on different trips to conquer speeds while surfing, swimming and having a nice time. Starting point raft report at approximately 08:15. Have the river guide for a short briefing session. Collect your supplies and your river equipment. You will then encounter these rapids, which extend for almost 11km, unbelievably. Thrill with the pleasant experience.

There is no swimming experience needed in this activity and anyone over the age of 14 will enjoy it. Any local transport will enter the website by route, so that the incredible memories of this activity can be retrieved.

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Kundalika River Rafting

Rafting is a high sport of adrenaline in an inflatable raft, which sails the water. If you ever have a good mood for a river rafting experience, take the Kundalika river in Western Maharashtra, open to sport all year round. The Kundalika River is fuelled by surplus water from hydroelectric projects and dams, which make the Kundalika River suitable for rafting white water and other aquatic adventures or recreational activities.

Kundalika Eco Adventure

The Kundalika rafting camp Kolad is situated on the banks of the beautiful river Kolad, on the Mumbai-Goa highway. The striking feature of this camp is that it will keep you on your toes until dinner. Adventure sports on the river, nature trails, village events, quick walks and night trails are some of your adventure activities. You can also take part in events such as tandem-kayaks and river crossing, which will definitely give you an adrenaline rush like never before. The camp cookouts take place every season.

Rafting in Kundalika River at Kolad

Discover the spectacular rapids of the Kundalika river flowing from the breathtaking view of Bhira Dam, the added water input from the Mulshi Dam Project, making Kolad River Rapid River a perfect place for rafting on white waters.

This adventure search will start at around 8:30 am when you arrive at the rafting camp and lead you through some of the tight rapids of the river Kundalika.

Once you arrive, the safety measures for the rafting on the Kolad River will be briefed and the necessary equipment will then be provided for the rafting in Kundalika. After that, board a 10km rafting route and challenge the roaring speeds!

After 10 kilometres you return to the shore and continue to progress to your destination. Other adventure sports such as kayaking, crossing rivers, flying foxes, rappelling, and diving can also be enjoyed at an extra expense.

Camp Stay and Water Activities at Kolad

Discover the magnificent rushing of the Kundalika River from the impressive view of Bhira dams, an extra water supply for rafting along white waters by the Mulshi Dam Project.

When you get to the rafting camp and pass some of the narrow rapids of the river Kundalika, this adventure quest begins at around 8.30 am.

May the greens of Kolad magically welcome you on the Kundalika River.

A fast drive from Mumbai to relax in Kolad camping’s arms.

This destination will give you all the simple pleasures of life and adventure! Great rest from the tiresome city life! Entering water sports is not just an enjoyable experience in Kolad!

When you come to your destination for a refreshing evening check-in at 05:00, your adventurous experience will begin at a great time.

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