PMI ACP Certification Training – Is it really best for an IT Professional?




PMI, or Project Management Institute, oversee Certified Agile practitioner certification. Certification is recognized among top companies throughout the world. Someone with certification can land the most desirable job in their respected fields, with a profitable salary scale. This industry slowly understands the importance of project managers and is always looking for such professionals. Project management certificates can make your resume stand alone in the crowd.

Diploma analysis

Certification tries to improve professional skills in their field of work. This course seeks to evaluate the overall professional experience. Also, the exact number of focus is carried out on expert training and competence. The main focus of the certificate tries to optimize the skills of professionals and help them better manage the project. PMI ACP certification training in Bangalore is one of the most prominent centers for getting qualifications.

According to the recent economic survey, around two world GDP fifths were spent on running projects for different initiatives. Managing these projects can be very necessary and important so that resources are not in vain. It makes requirements for managers and supervisors more important. Thus, proficiency in these matters can ensure work for individuals. The right PMI ACP certification training in Bangalore can offer excellence over the other.

Benefits of having a certificate:

Better job opportunities:

Having management-oriented accreditation distinguishes a professional from other job applicants. They have a better experience in handling managerial tasks and can allocate resources better. This qualification increases the resume value and provides extra professional advantages over others.

Can handle the global market:

PMI Diploma is accepted throughout the world. Thus, Diploma holders can dominate the world scene, and create a better future for them. The skills learned when conducting courses can be applied to all industries and the business sector. It makes a relevant title for all professionals working in various economic fields.

Can better manage projects:

When holding an ACP degree, a professional learning to manage resources in a better way. Thus, an employee, who is trained under the ACP program, will know how to utilize resources optimally and help companies produce many advantages.

Top edge of others:

Armed with this title, a professional can easily have the advantage compared to others. Professionals have a better understanding of asset management, can work to optimize resources and can provide better company profit. It makes applicants with a degree of ACP more susceptible to getting their dream work.

With ACP’s degree, a professional can have a better chance to manage resources and help in making better profits for the company. Such employees can be a real asset for the organization.

Course review

This PMI-ACP course includes agile methodology, tools and techniques and provides real life scenarios throughout the course. It also includes the concepts of new Agile practice guidelines, reference sources for PMI-ACP exams. This training program is synchronized by the 2017 PMI® guidelines to help you pass your PMI-ACP exam.


PMI Agile Certification is a professional requirement throughout the IT industry and technology for all project management roles globally. This PMI-ACP certification course is most suitable for project managers, agile team members, partner managers, team leads, managers, project executives, software developers, and every professional who aspires to become a project manager.


To submit PMI ACP certification certified practitioners PMI practitioners, must have a middle or higher level, 2000 hours of general project management experience in the last five years, and at least 1500 hours of experience working on the last project team during the last three years.

PMI-ACP® tools and techniques: Agile analysis and design

Decisive analysis and design involves product backlog analysis, prioritizing backlog items, making story maps and outlines design progressively

Roadmap Agile Practices

High-level display of product features (themes / epic for product releases that occur soon) to support product vision

to categorize and prioritize requirements and to suggest the release schedule

Customers create and have a project vision (reviewed every year) and product roadmap (reviewed twice a year)

Also includes a list of features that customers need, architecture needed to support them and business values release