Places to visit in Matheran




Louisa Point

Matheran’s lovely hill station provides many areas from which you can enjoy the spectacular views of the countryside around Louisa Point. You will have to walk to reach this incredible venue, which makes it one of Matheran’s best spots to visit.

It’s one of the most recommended Matherana places to visit, with a coat of luxurious grass surrounded by the best shades of nature. The woods, lake and cascades make it more enchanting. The most relaxing experience of your lives will be watching you watch sunrise and sunset with your loved ones. Horseback riding, cycling and camping make it more fun.

Charlotte Lake

This lake lies in the lush, green forest circle that gives a spectacular view. You and your heart have a treat for your eyes. The area is very peaceful and recommendable if you want some tranquility and one of Matheran’s best tourist attractions.

In this calmness, far from the bustle of the city, the time we spent here will be very safe. You’re going to have Pisarnath Mandir on the right-hand side. Charlotte Lake is a known spot for picnics and is located in the best places of Matheran to visit. You and your family and friends will also enjoy seeing birds here. 

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Monkey Point

It is one of the locations from which the most beautiful view of nature can be obtained. You can reach it easily by walking the distance, or you can easily take a horse ride that is enjoyable. Make sure you do not bring snacks or the monks snack it and it is one of Matheran’s best places to see when you visit this place.

You should come and spend time with your family in the beauty of nature. Here you can hike and see the site information. It will show that your routine has changed well and you will definitely leave happier than when you arrived.

Shivaji’s Ladder

It is a lever that stretches to Matheran Valley between One Tree Hill Point. It is great for junkies of adventure and even for those who want peace and quiet. You can go hiking, but you must be careful because it’s a bit more risky than normal hikes and is one of the best tourist places in Matheran.

The woods of the Shivaji Leader and the enchanting view are like a dream that nature lovers have come to know. You should come and get fresh air and a bit of fun with your team. Food stalls with a tenting menu can also be found here.

Panorama Point

You have to come and experience this beauty for some of the best Matheran sightseeing. During monsoons is the best time to be here. With its panoramic view, it appeals to people. The vibrancy of colours here makes photographers very loved and is one of Matheran’s best places to visit.

Your heart certainly steals from the beautiful vision of the rising sun. The spraying colours of the sky will relax your mind as the day unfolds and take away all this tension. You can not miss it. There is no way.

One Tree Hill Point

One Tree Hill Point is one of Matheran’s best places to visit to lose yourself to nature, with its tree standing on the tip of a stunning green Montagne and dense woods surrounded by immense natural beauty.

The wide range of green shades offers a look to stand and look. The purity of this place calms your eyes and makes your body and mind rejuvenated. In a moment when you enter, breathe in the fresh air and look out at the panorama that the place offers, all your anxieties, pressures and cares are gone.

Echo Point

Echo Point is another of Matheran’s best places to visit. On the left of Charlotte Lake there is another location with a spectacular view of the Echo Point valleys. As the name suggests, the echoes that strike the hills in this position are identified. If you’re there with friends or family don’t miss yelling your name that’s going to loop.

Another interesting thing is that the environment continues to change. This place is really crowded and a hit among the residents. Relax your eyes as the clouds slowly move over the deep beauty of the mountains. You will enjoy a chimeric view of the plentiful waterfall with rainwater if you visit the place during the mountain season.