Nomos Orion: The Best Entry Level Watch for Special Occasions




Are you looking for a luxury watch that suits formal events, but is on a tight budget? But at the same time, do you want an elegantly aesthetic timepiece with quality? You probably have searched from watch brand giants to scout for the most affordable model that would fit your needs. You don’t have to go mainstream and be stuck with picking out ubiquitous wristwatches. We’re glad that you’re searching further than what is commonly seen in the market. We know you would appreciate having a different option. Because of all the classic timepieces that you might have seen, you will not land your eyes on something similar with Nomos Watches. But since you’re looking for that dress watch that can take you out on a special occasion with style, quality (at an affordable price point) we will be recommending pome Nomos watch model- The Nomos Orion

Nomos: Independent From the Start

But before we get into the timepiece itself, you need to know a bit more about Nomos. For you to appreciate the grand scale of beauty and ingenuity Nomos watches have, it’s important to know that they are a watch brand unlike most. Nomos is an independent watch brand and is now owned by any watch group. They create their mechanisms and that’s a lot to say for a 30-year-old brand. Only big brands like Rolex, Patek, etc. are running independently. When most watch brands would rely on standardized swiss made caliber, nomos takes on the challenge to make their own. Most companies have movements that are made in Switzerland. But ever since its conception in Germany, Nomos has independently made its mechanical parts. To do this would require enough finances or ingenuity for an independent brand to succeed and produce quality products. Some independent brands can do so for a cost and as a result, have more expensive timepieces. But Nomos offers its timepieces at very affordable price points. The quality mechanism, style, is all in the bag for every nomos watch.

To take a closer look at their work, we’ll look at the Nomos Orio. The perfect dress watch for a younger guy or lady as an entry-level dress watch.

The Orion

  1. Bauhaus Style

Nomos watches are known for their Bauhaus design, which mixes art and functionality. With this design philosophy, the Orion takes on a modern yet artistic, minimalist feel. It has galvanized silver-white dial that calls attention to the thin diamond polished gold hour indices and silver minute indices. To give the watch a distinct character, a pop of color draws your eye to the thin tempered central hands that go all the way, in the color of cornflower blue. In the dial is also a texturized sundial with circular lines, for seconds counter.

  1. Sleek Dimensions

The Orion goes for an overall sleek look with its 35-millimeter diameter and 18- millimeter wide curved steel case. This sleek touch then extends to its elegant elongated lugs with a 44- millimeter length. You will also find it easy to slide this timepiece under your dress cuffs with its 7.4-millimeter thickness. Wearing the watch is as smooth as it can be, with a weight of 38 grams, and you will feel no constraints as you will barely feel the Orion on your wrist.

  1. In-House movement

As mentioned, Nomos proudly uses its mechanism and for Orion is house Nomo’s very own caliber- the Alpha Manual. It is a 17 jewel-encrusted caliber with 43- hours of power reserve. The movement only needs to be wound every 2 days and allows manual winding. While manually winding this timepiece, wearers will be assured of the quality of the movement, as it gives a smooth, butterlike experience.

  1. Strap and Other Features

The watch also has domed sapphire crystal to protect its dial and has one of Chicago’s finest leather-Horween Genuine Shell Cordovan. The leather strap promises a smooth, thick, and durable bracelet for the wearer and has a lug width of 18 millimeters and stainless steel buckle. Yet again, the design of this timepiece is based on art philosophy that is the basis of all modern and industrial art we have today. Overall the watch puts an elegant ensemble with its design.

Where Can You Buy the Nomos Orion?

The Nomos Orion is perfect for any casual occasion, but at the same time, it’s capable of dressing up to the nines. With its simple and sleek design, structure, and lightweightedness, you will have the perfect companion for every special event. If you’re quite sure you found what you like in Nomos Orion, then it’s finally time to buy it as your first entry-level dress watch. One website that helps both watch enthusiasts and those new to watches make the right purchase is Watchshopping. Watch Shopping is a licensed dealer of luxury watches and has a wide collection of authentic luxury watches for buyers to choose from. To make sure the timepieces they offer are 100% authentic, they deal only with certified dealers. They also include the original manufacturer’s warranty card in every purchase. Watch Shopping also has in-house watch experts to examine every timepiece is in good condition before shipping to their customers. To be the most trusted luxury watch dealer in the market you can be more than sure that your watch purchase at Watch Shopping is quality and genuine Nomos watches. Watch Shopping’s promise to deliver an excellent experience is evident in its quality customer service and swift process.

In a Nutshell

When you look at the landscape of luxury watches, you would see that there are not a lot of brands that offer in-house movements and distinct designs like that of Nomos. And not all brands can offer exquisitely made timepieces for a price range that the Orion and the rest of Nomos watches are at. Nomos simply knows how the simple design conveys minimalism, genuine high-grade mechanism and gives you the best value for your money. If you want a timepiece that is classic, modern, and yet positioned at a very approachable price, you know what brand to look for. If you want to check out more Nomos timepieces you can visit Watch Shopping, and be assisted by their dedicated customer service. Visit now to get an even closer look at Nomos Watches!