Kissanime and the Best Alternative Sites to Watch Free Anime Movies




The anime industry is now getting popular like never before with a massive fan base all across the globe. The reason being the development in the graphics, screenplay, and close to real-life animations, etc. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Anime movies and series is the engaging story that every aged person is fond of. 

With such a boost from worldwide fans, the industry has developed in such a way that one can find anime movies of every known genre similar to standard Hollywood movies. Thus, there is no wonder that Anime lovers are always on the quest of finding a one-stop platform where all the oldest and latest anime movies and series can be found.

If you are an Anime Lover, you must be familiar with the Kissanime website. It is a free platform with tons of Anime movies categorized to form a user-friendly interface with a fast and reliable search engine. Here, you can know everything about Kissanime and the best alternatives that can provide a similar experience. So, let’s dive in!

The popularity of KissAnime and the compelling offerings

Kissanime is a safe stream site for all kinds of anime where you can find all genres free of cost. All you have to do is get into the official website and you are all set to watch your favorite movies on the big screen or your mobile in a hassle-free way. 

There is no need of signing up to the website to stream movies, but on signing up, the search engine can simplify your searching efforts to a great extent. It has a huge collection of the most popular anime series, movies, TV shows, and cartoons. Thus, you can undoubtedly find every show you name instantly. 

On top of this, Kissanime provides an option to request the anime that you want to be included in their collections. So, it is, by all means, the best place to stream anime movies with millions of fans all around the world. 

What happened to Kissanime?

Although Kissanime is safe to watch and comes with fewer ads than any other anime-based platform, it is illegal. You might be wondering how the website managers are providing such a huge collection of anime stuff for free. 

Well, these are basically the pirated content from the paid OTT platforms which is why is also termed as a form of infringement. Thus, Internet Service providers of most countries that have a large number of Kissanime users tried to block this website completely. 

But, there are several loopholes for the site to come to its beloved fans using a proxy, mirror sites, changing domain names, and many more. So, netizens have been using the site for almost a decade now. However, like any other free and piracy-based website, Kissanime is now down and unavailable to access. 

Although there are many other paid websites for anime, there is a large fan base unable to pay the premium which leaves them with no options. But, not anymore. Now that you are here, you will surely end up finding the best alternative to suit your requirements by the end of this list. Here is the list of the best alternatives of the Kissanime website.

  1. 9anime: – 

It tops the list of the most preferable alternatives of Kissanime with similar functions like high definition videos and a huge collection of anime movies and series. 9anime also doesn’t need you to go through a lengthy registration procedure to access the readily available options in it. 

Besides, you can also find both dubbed versions and the Japanese ones with English subtitles in them. Apart from this, the website managers keep on updating the site with the new releases on the same day with HD quality.  On top of this, you won’t have to search for any options as the entire UI functions similar to the original Kissanime site with flawless processing all over. 

  1. Ani watcher: – 

As the name suggests, Ani watcher is a free site to watch anime movies and anime series as well. It also leads the Kissanime alternative with minimum proximity in the user interface and functionality. The latest trending episodes are readily available on the homepage soon after they are released. So, you won’t have to search for them anymore.

You can find both dubbed and subtitled versions from the list of collections available on the site. It is updated frequently with the latest releases and also the requested movies and series. But, you need to sign up to the site to request or comment on any series. All the movies and series are in High definition providing the best watching experience on all devices. 

  1. Anime land: – 

If you are fond of anime, Anime land is the best place for you to be in. It is listed among the top sites that possess a massive collection of anime movies and series. If you are searching for a movie that you are not finding on a renowned platform, chances are you can find it here. 

The beautiful user interface followed by an updated list of trending movies and series makes it appealing right from the home page. Additionally, it is safe to use with fewer advertisements and great optimization for all kinds of devices. It is one such site that works flawlessly even without registration.

  1. Anime planet: –

If you are new to the anime world with one or two series watched, Anime planet is the best way to go with. As the name refers, it contains the whole anime world in one platform. It is quite easy to access the site and use all the readily available options in a user-friendly interface. 

Being one of the oldest streaming sites for anime movies and series, Anime Planet contains every single movie and all episodes of every known series. Well, you can also find the latest trending stuff at ease right on the homepage as the website managers are the first among the streaming sites to add the latest releases.

All the contents present on this site are available in high definition and are categorized well with a capable search engine and well-optimized performance. 

  1. GoGoAnime: – 

Like Kissanime, GoGoAnime is also a top streaming website to watch anime series and movies online. It is quite safe to use with a list of all popular series and movies in a simple interface. You can also get the names of the recent releases directly on the home page, so it is pretty easy to navigate.

Both the dubbed and subtitled versions of all the anime contents are present on this site in HD quality. As the site gets updated regularly, it is probably one of the best alternatives to Kissanime.

  1. Anime lab: – 

The best thing about this site is you can find the subtitled version and dubbed version separately. So, you will not need to search for them anymore. You can find different genres which are updated frequently and there is no need for registration. Well managed page followed by HD-supported content makes it enlisted in the top alternatives of Kissanime. 

  1. Anime frenzy: –

With a vast database of a selective range of movies and series collections, Anime Frenzy offers all kinds of anime movies and series in one place. Movies from different genres are regularly updated on the site including the latest released. The simple homepage and flawless processing speed that results in HD video without buffering make it a great alternative to Kissanime. 

  1. Anime TV: – 

It is one of the most popular websites among anime fans. If you are familiar with Kissanime, chances are you already know about this site. It is free to use websites with literally no advertisements anywhere. 

Besides, it is a full-fledged anime content streaming site with both the dubbed and subtitled versions with frequently updated content. On signing in to the website, you can also request the website managers to add the content you like to watch.

  1. KissManga:  

With a name similar to Kissanime, this site brings in a lot of features of the original Kissanime site in several aspects. It has a massive database of both new and popular anime series and is safe for use. 

You can find your anime content by surfing through different genres at ease. One of the best things about this site is the wide compatibility in both TV screens and also for mobile devices.

  1. OtakuStream: – 

OtakuStream has all the anime movies and series arranged perfectly with good categorization. You can also find different episodes of a series in a well-arranged manner on this site. It is free to use and comes with minimum commercials while surfing through the site.

Kissanime was undoubtedly a great platform to watch free anime movies and series online. But, now that the site is not working, you can go through the above-mentioned list of alternatives to get the equal benefits of the popular site.