Is Grinding Coffee Beans Worth It?




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While there are many quicker ways of making coffee, does it get the best results? Grinding coffee beans gets you a rich and delicious cup of coffee to kick-start your day. Of course, it may take some time, so is the experience worth it? Let’s find out.

Before we get started, it is pertinent to mention that you need to know how to use a coffee grinder to yield the best results. Otherwise, you’d be missing out. Fortunately, there are different types of coffee grinders, including the electric grinder and the manual grinder.

 Once you know how to master the art of grinding coffee beans, the experience is surreal. Here’s why!

Get a Heavenly Fragrance 

If you ask a coffee lover, the fragrance is half the delight of a cup of coffee. Fresh ground coffee in the morning can energise you like nothing else, which makes this worth it. The fragrance of the coffee beans will linger in the air for a while and make everyone’s morning significantly better! Grinding beans preserves the oxidation process, which adds to the overall experience. 

Preserve the Quality of Coffee Beans

If you are using high-quality coffee beans, then you would want that taste to come through. For this, there is no better method than grinding coffee beans to really preserve their quality. You can purchase whole beans and grind them at home so that you get the best tasting coffee in comparison to buying pre-ground coffee, where the beans have already lost their quality.

Get Fresh Coffee

When you wake up on a groggy Monday morning, the last thing you want is store bought coffee. If you really want that caffeine kick and taste, you should definitely try grinding your coffee beans. You can then take this coffee with you to work. Don’t worry, it will provide the same effect as freshly ground coffee, staying fresh a lot longer than other methods of getting coffee!

You Can Choose Your Grind

Do you feel you can’t find the perfect grind when you go to buy coffee? If you stick to grinding coffee at home, you can get the type of coffee that you want. You can opt for an extra fine grind, where the coffee beans are ground to a powdery form with very little grit. 

You may also choose a fine grind, which is a smooth grind, having a texture similar to sugar or salt. You may also choose a medium grind where the coffee grind feels like rough sand. Lastly, you may also try out a coarse coffee grind which is kind of like sea salt particles that are used in a French Press. 

Drink Cleaner Coffee 

Since coffee particles are extremely porous, they can easily be tainted by other particles in the air. This means that there is a chance you’ll be getting coffee that is infused with other flavours and scents. That’s the last thing coffee drinkers want! But when you grind your coffee beans at home, you mitigate this possibility. This way, you’re able to enjoy a clean and pure cup of coffee without any impurities!

It’s Healthier!

Another great benefit of grinding coffee beans at home is that you’ll be drinking coffee that is significantly healthier!  Here’s how. As we all know, coffee is a rich source of antioxidants that help bolster immune system function. Coffee beans contain the highest amount of antioxidants and grinding them is arguably the best way to preserve them. This is surely another reason to grind your coffee beans right at home! 

It Tastes Better

We saved the best for last. When we talk about coffee, the most important part is taste. That is not something you should have to compromise on. You can preserve the rich taste of coffee far better through the grinding process and brewing it right after. This way, you can even really taste the difference between the various types of coffee beans that you may want to try out. This makes it imperative for you to try put coffee bean grinding at home for a far superior taste.

Final Word 

Grinding coffee beans is a popular method. This guide talks about the several reasons you may want to try out this method as it gives you healthier, better smelling, cleaner and most importantly, better tasting coffee than any other method out there. Going by all that, we think it is more than safe to say that grinding coffee beans at home is truly and 100% worth it!