Investing in Turquoise Jewelry: The Hot-selling gemstone




Buying turquoise jewelry is a wise investment as the gem never goes out of style. The gemstone gives a boho look when set in silver. There is a richness in its blue and green colors. The beautiful range of colors looks captivating. The color has the spirit of re-energizing. The stone is widely used for its calming properties. One of the oldest gemstones, it has been used by the kings and warriors as it is known as the Stone of Protection.

The name of the stone is derived from the French term Pierre turquoise, which means ‘Turkish Stone.’ A symbol of wisdom, the gemstone has also been used for luck and power by the ancient tribes. Native Americans have chiefly used the gem. They associated the gem with the God of the Sky. But it is used even today in jewelry or as an individual stone.

Things to know about the gem

The gem comes from Egypt, Northwest China, the southwestern part of the United States, Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. Talking about its physical properties, its color can range from blue to green to yellow and has unique patterns on its body of black or brown color called matrix.

Spiritual Energies of the gemstone

Being a highly protective stone, it has been used in amulets. It works for the throat chakra, and hence it is advised that one should wear a turquoise pendant to make most of the healing powers for better communication. The gemstone helps one to discover their life purpose. The gemstone blesses with strong spiritual attunement and is helpful during meditation as it enables you to achieve mental clarity. Wearing turquoise jewelry saves one from any negativity.

Wearing this gemstone in accessories

Turquoise jewelry not only looks classy, but the crystals are known to increase your self-confidence. Many wear this gem accessory when going to important meetings. Since the gemstone works on the throat chakra, gem believers love to wear the turquoise pendant.

Turquoise rings attract the onlookers because of their boho look. They look chic and can be worn as an everyday accessory. For special occasions, you can go for cocktail rings and turquoise necklaces in statement style. The gemstone has been used with silver for a long time. Many celebrities also like turquoise accessories.

When you want to bring contrast in your look, you can wear it with dark colors. While for a minimal look, wear it with neutral colors like nudes, white, off-white. The gemstone looks stunning when paired with a black outfit. Wear a turquoise bracelet for a chic look. Turquoise earrings will give you a minimal look.

Physical Healing Energy of the gemstone

It is a strengthening stone and helps in times of anxiety and panic attacks. The gemstone boosts the immune system and protects against viral infections. It treats problems related to the brain, eyes, ears and nose such as migraines, headaches, cataracts. Turquoise aids in good health of the respiratory system and can cure lung disorders. It is also helpful in healing problems related to speech.

Zodiac Birthstone

Turquoise is the birthstone for Sagittarius. Sagittarians are adventurous and quick-moving in their pace. But they might sometimes be blunt in their communication, and this is where Turquoise helps them. The gemstone of calmness and communication helps them not to be too direct in conversations with others.

What to look for before buying this gemstone?

When buying gemstone jewelry, some have preferences for color, while some go for clarity. In the case of Turquoise, intense and even blue color is considered the best. The gemstone can be semi-translucent or opaque. A transparent turquoise is rare. It also has inclusions from the host rock of black or brown web-like patterns matrix on its body. Sparse patterns are most sought after. Both clear and the ones with the inclusions are in demand, the latter because of their attractive designs.

Turquoise is not a sparkling gemstone. Instead, it has a waxy appearance. Usually cut as a cabochon, it is also used as beads in jewelry pieces.

How to take care of this gemstone?

Although the gemstone is relatively hard and ranks 5-6 on the Mohs scale, one still needs to be careful while storing it. It should be stored separately as harder gems can cause scratches on this gemstone. Store it in a storage box lined with fabric.

If you want to use brush, then go for the one with soft bristles. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to clean gem accessories.


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