How To Use Google Maps




I used google basically maps for travelling , while travelling outside the country or within the country, google map is very useful offline maps can be used be anytime when you don’t want to depend on internet connection. We can download a particular area map from google map offline map  , and the main disadvantage of this map is this will not show traffic on roads on google maps as it need a good internet connection to show road traffic on map. It takes a good amount of data and stable internet connection to use google map. As per my recommendation Airtel has a good stable internet connection all over the world I have been travelling abroad since I was twenty year old , I had visited to many countries like china , Singapore , Sri Lanka all I found a good network airtel. Lets talk about the google map was first started as a C++ program developed by two brothers lars jens Elistrup ,rasmussen and Noel Gordon and Stephen ma at Sydney oriented company. In 2004 the   google acquired zipdash a company that provides traffic. Nowadays we can directly book cab services through google map , as it shows the distance  between the pick up point and destination it also gives pricing estimate. We got to know the distance pricing from cab driving application like ola, uber. 

One can be local  guide if there is a 

Missing place you found we can suggest a name for that particular place ,and also we can upload images 

For this google gives us reward points. I used to do google maps mostly for finding directions and routes for example I have set my work location and office location on google maps so that, I can aware of traffic time in peak hours  and best shortcut way to reach my office in short time.


Parking location feature: if we are in big mall parking and we have parked our vehicle in big parking location , if this feature is on while parking the car it is easy to find our  vehicle ,and we will never forget where car was parked.

Speedometer: there is a live  speedometer feature in google maps. one can see speed on their screen .it 

Calculate speed with gps speed. One can track speed even by walking ,driving .speedometer is a basically a speed meter  who actually measures speed with  gps. 

Reduces mobile battery consumption : To save our mobile battery consumption one can use dark mode 

option ,even in the daylight , we can even report crash or slowdown so that people can know it is always good , something even it is good give back to the society.

Nearby me feature: we can add our food and drink preferences  in google map, like we are vegetarian , we like paneer , dal makhni or say if we are non vegetarian we like chicken while we are driving google map displays our preferences hotel , like vegetarian hotel or non vegetarian hotel. Nearby  petrol pumps 

Also shown on google maps. If we are in unknown location and we need urgent cash ATM machines are also available nearby location .

Google map is developed by lars Rasmussen and jens Rasmussen .It offers satellite imagery, aerial 

Photography , street map, 360 degree view .in 2020 According to a google survey google maps was used by over 1 billion people every month around the world. Google maps satellite view is also known as bird eye. Maps was first started in c++  program designed by two brothers lars and jens Elistrup Rasmussen and noel Gordon and Stephen ma at the Sydney oriented company .In 2004 the company was acquired by google, afther that it is further developed by google maps. In 2004 google acquired zipdash a company that increases website traffic.

Live location : with live location sharing option one can be able to share there location , while travelling there are many cellular towers like jio , airtel , Vodafone, bsnl ,idea  so they give a signal to that location 

From there onwards they give back signal to the google maps . they give exact 10 metres location, Even 

Nowdays  google maps are linked with women safety applications like women safet, sarark india , they are directly connected with gps , if any women or girl is in problem they can directly press one click and 

That particular location goes to the nearest police station its like a kind of artificial intelligence ,even automobiles companies are also using this feature in there cars like polo , Maruti Suzuki , if car is locked or any thief is attacking the car they can press one single button and that sound will beep in nearest police station , and whosever policer officer will that time in the duty they came to help you.