How to differentiate between jumpsuits, jumpers, and rompers?




You might be confused if someone asks you whether you like a jumper, romper, or jumpsuit because, like most people, you too might be assuming that these are the same. Although we often talk about the three fashion dresses in the same breath, that gives a feeling that these are the same, these are different types of dresses.  Fashion-conscious people are aware of the differences and would seldom make a mistake in selecting what they want because they can differentiate between the styles of the dresses displayed in stores that sell dresses + jumpsuits. The only common aspect of these dresses is that they are all one-piece dresses designed differently and worn in different ways to achieve the desired style. 

So, let us now look at the finer details of the design and style of the three types of dresses that should help make the right choices. 


Jumpers are sleeveless dresses in a one-piece design created for wearing with some other clothing. Never can you wear jumpers on the bare body because the material and design do not match the style’s purpose.  The design of jumpers resembles sleeveless skirts for wearing over a blouse. Denim, linen, corduroy, silk, and velvet are the materials used for making jumpers, and the design consists of suspenders attached to the front panel. The open-sided bodice is the specialty of the design. The suspenders form the top part of the jumpers, while the design below the waist resembles a skirt. Jumpers pair perfectly with shirts, crop tops, and T-shirts. Jumpers are usually shorter in length and leave the bottom part of the body from the thighs wholly exposed. 


Jumpsuits soared in popularity during the 1960s and 1970s and were available in various styles and materials.  For the first time, a model displayed the one-piece dress worn with a sealskin jacket that created an instant stir in the fashion world and soon became a trend.  The garment consists of a shirt or blouse attached to the trousers below. Chiffon, silk, drapes, or ruffles are the common materials for making jumpsuits, and the blouse or shirt and the trousers might have two different patterns that complement one another. The highly versatile one-piece garment might or might not have straps, and the cut of the pants would be according to your body shape, just as done for trousers. Different styles of jumpsuits help to choose one that matches your body type. Those with pear-shaped bodies would look beautiful in wide-legged jumpsuits as it would make them look slimmer and taller, especially if they wear high-heeled sandals or wedges. 


Rompers are a hybrid of shirts or blouses and shorts created from a single piece of fabric. Often the blouse accompanies bloomer-like pants. The garment is ideal for casual outings, leisure activities and excellent as sportswear. Rompers made from light blended cotton fabrics can match well with cardigans and denim jackets during the cold seasons.   

Going for walks in the morning wearing rompers is a common sight, just as you would find beachgoers finding it most comfortable when made from some breathable cotton blended fabrics.