How to choose a men’s t-shirt that suits your body and skin




In fashion, the fit is the most important thing. Obviously, a beautiful suit is not necessarily suitable for everyone. And there are also cases, an outfit that looks very difficult to wear, but it is extremely beautiful when worn on someone’s body. This proves one thing, you don’t have to follow the latest fads to have the perfect look. Remember, just choosing an outfit that suits your body will make you look very stylish.

The above secret applies to all cases, whether you are a man or a woman, no matter how carefully you choose your clothes for whatever reason. And the same goes for choosing men’s t-shirts. Although it is a very basic and simple outfit to coordinate, it only takes a little attention to choose the most suitable shirt for you, you can make your look perfect. much already.

The following article will point out some points to note in choosing t-shirts for boys. Let’s read and find out now!

1. Some notes to help you choose the right T-shirt

Many people often mistakenly believe that such a simple t-shirt can be worn by anyone. Yes, it is clear that T-shirts are the most basic choice of men, but this does not mean that everyone who wears a T-shirt is beautiful. The beauty and appropriateness of wearing a t-shirt depend on many other factors as well.

1.1 Choose the type of t-shirt by AGE

You may be surprised to learn that the t-shirt you are wearing can make you look a few years older or younger. Each type of T-shirt has a unique design and shape, not to mention other factors such as color that also greatly affect the appearance of the wearer. Take into account the following factors:

– Collarless men’s T-shirts are usually suitable for men in their twenties, young and active. Freedom and comfort are what these guys need and of course, this is also what men’s collarless t-shirts bring to the wearer.

 Men’s polo shirt (with collar) is more suitable for those who are older or have an elegant appearance, pursuing maturity in fashion. Young men can also wear this shirt for a special occasion that requires a more sophisticated look than usual!

1.2 Choose the type of t-shirt according to your BODY

Choosing the right clothes for your body shape is the most important factor in fashion. And how to choose men’s t-shirts is not out of this problem. No matter what kind of t-shirt you want to wear, please keep one thing in mind, choose a t-shirt that suits your body.

– The most obvious example, round-neck men’s t-shirts are suitable for guys with a thin, slightly “thin” figure. T-shirts with round necks make skinny guys look a lot fuller.

– In contrast, men’s heart-neck t-shirts are only suitable for guys with a bit more solid and full body.

Pay attention to the above notes to choose a shirt that is right for you. But if you are a person who is interested in fashion and wants to perfect your look, read on on how to choose a men’s t-shirt right here!

2. Details on how to choose to buy men’s t-shirts

To buy a men’s t-shirt that is best for you, pay attention to the factors below.

2.1 Shoulders

When trying on the shirt, of the shoulder line is right at the end of the shoulder, it will fit your body. If this line slides downwards, it means it is too wide. And vice versa, if it is located on the shoulder, it is too tight for the body and should not be chosen.

2.2 Sleeves

If you opt for a short-sleeve t-shirt, opt for a t-shirt with sleeves that don’t exceed half of your biceps. If you meet this, it means you have chosen a suitable shirt. Besides, pay attention to the sleeve, if it is too wide, it will not suit your body, because if the sleeve is too wide, it means that you have chosen the wrong shirt size.

2.3 Shirt length

Shirt length is the most important factor when choosing a t-shirt that best suits your body. Shirts that are too short or too long will make your appearance very funny!

2.4 How to choose the size

In choosing a men’s t-shirt to best suit your body, the most important part is choosing the size of the shirt. Pay attention to the waist measurement first and then pay attention to the length of the shirt. Meeting these two factors, the headache when choosing a shirt size is no longer a worry!

2.5 How to choose a style

Please refer carefully when choosing the style of men’s t-shirt. There are two very popular designs today as follows:

– Classic look: This is a style that suits a lot of body shapes because it is relatively easy to wear. Just choose a shirt that fits your body and you can confidently wear them.

– Breakthrough design: The breakthrough of men’s t-shirts makes the wearer exude freshness. Therefore, this style is quite picky to wear, most of which are only suitable for young men with a well-proportioned body.

2.6 How to choose the right T-shirt color for your skin?

– For white people, they can choose absolutely any color shirt to wear. Only a little attention should be paid to the highlight of the color to avoid losing the inherent masculinity.

– People with black, brown, and gray skin often find it harder to choose T-shirts. However, if you choose a cool or hot color shirt, it will be quite suitable. If you don’t believe it, try it out!

2.7 How to wear T-shirts suitable for each situation

A T-shirt deserves to be the most convenient men’s shirt when it can be worn in many situations. But pay attention to two cases where many people often wear T-shirts below:

– How to wear T-shirts when going out: T-shirts for going out should be comfortable t-shirts such as oversize or heart-neck t-shirts to create a healthy look for the wearer.

There are many ways to choose men’s t-shirts and the above notes are just the basics. However, it is not useless at all because if you follow the above principles, your appearance has really “promoted” just thanks to a t-shirt already! And nowadays, you can easily own a trendy and elegant T-shirt by shopping online on many different top-notch brands on Couponupto or Couponxoo. You can also find some discount and coupon codes to save an amount of money. That’s cool, right!