How Coats with a Fur Collar Actually Keep You Warm




During the colder months of fall and winter, especially in areas of the world that get annihilated with harsh weather and snow, you need extra special protection from those harsh conditions. Usually, that protection comes in the form of outwear, such as coats, gloves, scarves, hats, boots, and other methods of bundling up. Typically, many people will opt for winter coats that feature special technology, promising to keep you warmer and more comfortable than the next popular brands of winter coats. 

While those coats can be great and get the job done, usually they won’t last you more than a few winters of prolonged use. There is truly only one type of winter coat that you can really rely on to keep you protected, warm, and extremely comfortable winter after winter. If you haven’t known already, fur coats provide the utmost protection and warmth, even during the harshest weather conditions. 

It’s been historically proven that fur coats keep you protected from the harsh elements, when our predecessors have been using fur and fur pelts as a means of protection and warmth for centuries. Now, fur has transformed into a fashion statement and social status, but the original use for fur has not changed. 

But, what is it about fur that makes it so warm and perfect for harsh weather conditions? When you compare your non-fur coats with the fur coats you may have, which one is warmer? Typically, the answer will always be the fur coat. The answer comes down to one thing: insulation. 

When wearing fur, it insulates all the heat coming from your body and keeps it in to keep you warm. While wearing a fur coat, especially a coat with fur collar, the fur forms something called a boundary layer. This entire process happens when the cold air hits the surface of the actual coat and the molecules cause friction. 

Since fur coats are usually thicker than your average down jacket, the boundary layer is subsequently bigger. The fur that your coat is made of, whether that’s fox fur, mink fur, coyote, or rabbit, diverts the air, which in turn improves the entire potential for the coat’s insulation. 

As your body creates heat, whether from walking around in the cold weather or doing some strenuous activity, the fur holds in your body heat far better than any other fur coat. As your body creates heat, it tends to try to let the heat escape which in turn lets your body become colder much faster. That won’t happen if you’re wearing a fur coat. 

So, needless to say that fur coats do an extremely good job at keeping your body heat inside your body. Other fur coats don’t do as good of a job keeping in your body heat, basically forcing you to layer and bundle up with other accessories such as hats, scarves, or extra layers underneath. 

Not only can that be very uncomfortable, but it can be very annoying to have to continuously bundle up when venturing out into the cold. With a coat with a fur collar you can easily just throw it on before heading out the door and be perfectly warm the entire time. Plus, you will look extremely fashionable doing so. 

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