Holiday Gifts for the Whiskey Lovers




As exciting as gift giving on holidays is, gift picking can be equally challenging. The task can become even more daunting when picking gifts for someone obsessed with one thing or the other. While it’s obvious that you have to give them what they love, you can go wrong within that niche pretty easily too.

Here’s why we curated a list of gifts for the whiskey lovers in your list, who we are sure you have plenty of! You don’t have to think twice about getting any of these suggestions, as any whiskey lover will enjoy all of the gifts mentioned below. Let’s take a look at them:

Whiskey and Water Decanter

Every whiskey lover needs a decanter in their home. But you don’t have to give just any decanter to your favorite whiskey lover; get them a super stylish one from Uncommon Goods that is shaped like a globe. The two-in-one decanter holds whiskey and water and lets one mix them as they please. The whiskey globe also holds only enough whiskey for one, making it a personal gift that doesn’t lead to overdrinking. 

Whiskey Tasting Set

Help the whiskey lover in your life find their new favorite whiskey with a whiskey-tasting set. The one from Peugeot is designed to make whiskey cooler without diluting it. It also captures the alcohol burn while enhancing the flavoring notes in the drink. It also comes with an attached coaster to avoid making any rings on the surface where it’s placed. Moreover, this gift can be used to try other alcoholic beverages too. 

A Whiskey Dictionary

Learning is always fun, especially if it’s something one genuinely enjoys. The whiskey lovers in your life will be very happy to receive a whiskey dictionary. You can choose from a variety of whiskey dictionaries available, but we recommend the one written by whiskey expert Ian Wisniewski. 

Besides exploring the whiskey varieties in detail, he has also offered extensive knowledge about the history of whiskey, its ingredients, whiskey cocktails worldwide, distilling techniques around the world, and flavor notes in all the varieties. 

A Local Whiskey Guide

If the whiskey lover in your life is also patriotic, gift them a local whiskey guide. The book Tasmanian Whiskey, The Devil’s Share, captures the true story of a local whiskey enthusiast, Bernard Lloyd, visiting every distillery in the land of Australia to learn about the different whiskey distillation techniques. 

Cocktail Shaker

Isn’t a cocktail shaker a necessity for every whiskey lover? While it may be, not all cocktail shakers are the same. Get a premium stainless steel cocktail shaker for your whiskey lover to help them elevate their cocktail game. 

The double-wall insulation in this cocktail shaker helps save the hands of the one using it from getting cold. The heat from the drinks is spread into and absorbed by the insulated walls and only let out when the shaker is opened.

The no-heat transfer outside also helps save its surface from condensation buildup and becoming slippery. It also doesn’t leak and hence avoids any wastage!

A Travel-Friendly Whiskey Station

Let the whiskey lover in your life display their love of whiskey with a 12-piece whiskey station. The station comes packaged in an easy-to-carry case and so can become an essential part of travel gear for the whiskey lover in your life, but it can also be displayed at home. 

It includes two glasses to invite company, eight whiskey stones to keep the drinks chilled, a tong to place or remove the whiskey stones easily, and a tray to hold and serve everything in style. The pinewood tray also looks exquisitely beautiful, especially under the whiskey-filled glasses. 

A Personal Whiskey Set

If inviting others to drinks isn’t what your whiskey lover does, encourage them to enjoy their drinks in peace and quiet with a unique whiskey set. The best ones come packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box, making them travel-friendly. They contain a whiskey stone to chill the beverage without diluting it and a shot glass for measurements. 

Whiskey Subscription

Last but not least, what can be a better gift for a whiskey lover than whiskey? However, instead of one bottle of whiskey, you can get them a gift that keeps on giving monthly! Get a three or six months subscription to your favorite whiskey lover from The Whiskey Club to let them enjoy the finest whiskey for a long period!

Finally, don’t forget to ask the whiskey lover to pour you a glass too! Spending some time with your loved ones is the most precious gift anyway.