History Of Tracfone A Wireless Communication Services Provider In 2021




Tracfone, Inc., a wireless communication services provider headquartered in Colombia, is launching a new service provider, Tracfone Wireless Communications LLC, that will distribute pre-paid wireless devices, mobile applications, and wireless services, on behalf of the TCC Group, one of the largest companies in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Tracfone Wireless Communications will be owned by U.S. wireless company Tracfone Wireless and the Venezuelan government. Tracfone Wireless will offer service to approximately 27 million customers around the world.

History Of Tracfone A Wireless Communication

TCC Group has a vast telecommunications network that includes wireless, fixed, and pay television services and telecommunications and electronic infrastructure, including the largest nationwide mobile network in Latin America.

Following this acquisition, Tracfone Wireless Communications will be a wholly-owned affiliate of Tracfone Wireless, which is the largest non-national pre-paid mobile provider in the United States.

The TCC Group has a broad portfolio of mobile service brands, including TCC Movil, Claro, Claro Directo, América Móvil, Movistar, Celular, Maximo, Claro Connect, UniMás, Claro Cash, Smartphone Movil, Zapatos, Tigo Cash, Ussé, Digitel, Tracfone, Carrefour and Nextel México.

It also has a significant presence in telecommunications infrastructure through its ownership of Movilnet, the largest provider of broadband Internet services in Latin America.

Through this acquisition, the TCC Group will have access to more than 30 million prepaid users in the U.com region (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela) with a growing user base expected through the launch of new products and services in 2015.

“We believe this combination creates the world’s largest prepaid mobile provider in terms of market share, allowing TCC Group to build one of the largest mobile brands in the region and to add more value to our existing prepaid customers,” said Alberto Lozada González, Vice President of TCC Group.

By acquiring Tracfone Wireless Communications, TCC Group will expand its mobile service to 37 countries and 81 markets. Following the closing of the acquisition, TCC Group will be the second-largest pre-paid mobile provider in the United States. Tracfone Wireless Communication also offers various plans, smartphones and coupon codes, etc.

“By leveraging the prepaid market that Tracfone Wireless Communications operates in, we will be able to deliver a new mobile experience, offering users one of the best prepaid plans in the world,” said Benjamin Bunté, Ex. VP and Head of TCC Group.

Tracfone Wireless Communications operates with significant control of its network, with full access to its infrastructure. TCC Group will also be able to offer one of the largest prepaid customer bases to its customers through the TCC network.

This will allow TCC Group to offer new services to its customers and retain existing customers who prefer pre-paid services to the TCC service.

“As part of TCC Group, Tracfone Wireless Communications will continue to be dedicated to offering customers a quality pre-paid mobile service,” said Robert Mazur, President of TCC Group.

“This is a great opportunity to deliver quality services and enjoy the benefits of operating in one of the largest telecommunications networks in Latin America. We are excited about our future together.”

Through this acquisition, TCC Group is acquiring key assets from international prepaid wireless providers, including programs and applications developed to improve the mobile experience, mobile payment services, services for government agencies, and mobile services in the United States.

TCC Group will retain the current operating agreement for the prepaid customer service program in the United States.

Tracfone Wireless, one of the nation’s largest prepaid wireless providers, is accepting applications for its Tracfone Lifeline Assistance program. The program is designed to help lower-income consumers obtain basic services such as health care, job training, and housing assistance.

“The Tracfone Lifeline Assistance program helps our customers provide the basic services they need to improve their lives,” said Glen Johnson, vice president of Tracfone Wireless.

“Providing this lifeline service is part of Tracfone’s commitment to serving all of our customers, and we encourage our customers to apply and enroll if they need our help.”

The Tracfone Lifeline Assistance program is offered free of charge by the companies to eligible families and individuals who do not receive coverage from a Medicaid, Medicare, or private health insurance plan.

To be eligible, households that meet certain income guidelines are required to provide proof of income and family size in the form of tax returns, government benefits, and birth certificates. Families and individuals who earn less than 125 percent of the federal poverty rate are eligible for the program.

Since 2005, Tracfone and its parent companies have served 35 million families. Tracfone’s parent companies include RadioShack Corporation, Cingular Wireless, Nextel Communications, Inc., CTITel, Inc., Consolidated Communications, and Largo Networks, Inc.