High-End Event Photography: The Beginner’s Guide




Event photography refers to the professional art of snapping high-quality images for important occasions, including personal events like weddings or birthday parties. Also, one needs to develop the special abilities for clicking at large public gatherings including award ceremonies, corporate events, galas, and music festivals. Wedding photography is often considered a separate genre, yet it also is a type of event photography. Compile a variety of posed and candid photographs that includes both people and scenery.

A few points you need to note

  • Speak to the event planner.

Ensure that you have all details about the event. Set up a time to talk with your client. It’s good to also stay in touch with the event organizer. That being said, you will get a picture of exactly what the event will look like. Ask them about the number of attendees that will be there. It’s good to be prepared with the schedule of the event. 

  • Set clear expectations.

Once you get to know the things that will happen at the event as well as the physical set-up, check in with the event manager to be sure that your photography levels will be excellent. Sometimes it might seem like a challenge to get the images the client wants in the constrained space and environment; ensure that you inform them of the concern. Make sure that the client knows the number of the final images to create and never over-promise. The general rule is that you click 50 to 75 images for an hour-long event. 

  • Creation of a shot list.

After communicating with the client, make a list of shots. Add some other shots. Make sure that when you’re going ahead with the task, you do not forget the unplanned moments outside your shot list. Following some practical and straightforward steps lets you capture even the unplanned moment and meet the needs of clients.

  • Get the Necessary Gear.

When it comes to event photography, ensure that you have the correct gear to ensure your success. It will guarantee that you will get the expected kind of image quality to meet the client’s demands. Right camera, flash kit, appropriate lens, and other bits and pieces that will click the best images for you. Always carry your necessary equipment so that you don’t have to come across any high-pressure situations. Without the right camera body, there might be chances that you’re struggling to keep up with the action. Lighting is one of the essential aspects of event photography. 

Quality on-camera flash will pulse a burst of light. Also, carry with you the handy flash diffuser. Soften highlights in editing software and is one of the best tips you can follow as an event photographer.

Final words

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