The top five film trends for 2022




Film trends for 2022: Our lives and industries have changed since 2021. There have been changes to the film industry as well as how people make and consume media, and just as the film industry has evolved, so have 2022 film trends.

In the following article, we’ll discuss just a few of the changes we’ve seen this year as well as how you can incorporate 2020 film trends into your own projects (because it’s never too late).

The top five film trends for 2022: what will they be?

1) People enjoy action and adventure films because they are escapism

With action and adventure films driving the box office in 2020, including expected hits like Bad Boys for Life, as well as profitable gambles like Sonic. It’s the Hedgehog and it’s Birds of Prey.

The most successful genres historically are action and adventure, but audiences in 2020 may also be looking for escapism. Regardless of how these genres fare this year, they will continue to be successful.

This trend can be incorporated into your own films in the following ways:

Since stories of heroism (and antiheroism) are always capturing viewers’ attention, you might begin writing the screenplay you’ve been outlining. Use stock footage or invest in special effects when you need to save money. Learn how to build a strong world with After Effects and CG.

2) Female-centric films are being produced by women

A discussion of film trends of 2022 would be incomplete without celebrating female empowerment. There was no end to the female-centric cinema even after Oscar season ended, with films such as Little Women and Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

A number of big releases will wrap up 2020, such as Birds of Prey from Cathy Yan, Wonder Woman 1984 by Patty Jenkins, Black Widow by Cate Shortland, and Mulan by Niki Caro.

In the photo above, Cathy Yan is seen in Birds of Prey (Source).

It is likely that we will see more stories for and by women as more women direct films and receive mainstream recognition.

This trend can be incorporated into your own filmmaking:

It goes beyond trends and opportunities for women to be inclusive. When choosing your next group of professionals, think outside the box. Diversifying your crew and cast can help you make better decisions and solve problems.

3) Remakes and sequels continue to be profitable

In addition to remakes, sequels, and spiritual successors, many of my favorite films of the year were remakes, sequels, or spiritual successors: films like Bad Boys For Life, Birds of Prey, Doolittle, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You, and Emma.

Fans likely return to familiar stories and characters in sequels because they are natural money makers. Nevertheless, franchises have become increasingly popular this year, and it is likely that their popularity will continue.

The top-grossing sequel Bad Boys For Life shows audiences come back for more (Source)

This trend can be incorporated into your own filmmaking:

In an ideal world, we would all own the rights to a classic story and be ready to pen the screenplay for the film adaptation. Although most people are scrappy, they rely on their own knowledge and creativity to successfully complete a project.

What are some ways you can emulate your favorite stories and characters? There are a number of shooting styles you can use to create a captivating tale, including Anna Biller’s and Quentin Tarantino’s, or maybe you utilize tropes to create a story that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

It is in keeping with the mid-century aesthetic of Anna Biller’s film The Love Witch (Source)

4) Gritty realism may be able to provide catharsis to those seeking it

Escapism and suspension of disbelief go hand-in-hand, but catharsis also has its benefits. Gritty realism may provide entertainment for those who don’t enjoy escapism through spectacular stunts or computer generated adventures. Hope everything is going on properly on this article film trends for 2022.

There has been great demand for films like Ken Loach’s Sorry We Missed You and the Dardennes’ Young Ahmed, not to mention Contagion, a haunting reminder of the outside world.

Entertainment is important to audiences, but they also love amazing characters with meaningful stories.

This trend can be incorporated into your own filmmaking:

A simple budget is all that is needed to tell a hyper-realistic story. Maybe you have your own personal story to share. Depending on how realistic the story is, you might be able to rent equipment, edit stock footage, and do a great deal of the work yourself.

5) Streaming is critical now more than ever

This year, streaming has become increasingly important as we limit our exposure to each other. Streaming platforms have taken over films originally intended for theaters, and art theaters are using the Criterion channel to conduct previously live Q&As.

Streaming is no longer a fad, as Netflix has known for years (and what other companies have adopted). That’s a boon-and it will stick around.

This trend can be incorporated into your own filmmaking:

Now is the perfect time to stream your next project to the perfect audience. Creating content, uploading it to YouTube, and brainstorming ideas are all possibilities. Take note of what is being streamed and use it to make progress.

As a conclusion

Filmmakers and cinephiles have had a strange year, and it is likely to get stranger. One thing, however, continues to remain the same – film’s ability to entertain and engage audiences.

Take note of the points above as we witness more film trends of 2022 emerge. Use what you’re seeing to market to your audience, whether you’re a writer, editor, or simply a movie fan. What do you think? Perhaps you’ll even become a trend-setter.