Download South Indian Movies 2021 For Free From Moviesda




While piracy websites are prevalent over the Internet in the 21st century, it is quite hard to find those purely dedicated to providing South Indian movies and shows for free. Moviesda is one such piracy website that only has South Indian films and series. For free, it lets visitors download the latest and most popular movies in Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam languages. 

The website can be easily accessed by searching Moviesda on any search engine and clicking on the first website link that pops up. This article will tell you all about Moviesda, from the type of movies available to how to download them.

About Moviesda

Moviesda, originally known as Isaimini, is a movie downloading website that illegally sources pirated movies. The original Isaimini website was banned soon after it rose to popularity. This forced its creators to build another website, Moviesda, to keep providing South Indian films to its visitors for free of cost. These kinds of piracy websites often make copies of themselves, which is why you will find numerous websites under the name Moviesda. 

Do not get confused about which one is the original and which is fake. All of them are copies of the original website and work similarly to each other. They even have the same content and the same download links. These copies exist as backup plans if the original gets banned by the Indian Government. This way, even if the original Moviesda website is no longer functional, its copies will keep earning revenue via ads for the creators. 

At the moment, the original website of Moviesda is under the URL You can find a copy of this website under this URL Although the ISP has been ordered to block these websites, as soon as they do, a new website will pop up, usually with the same name but with a completely different address. To ensure that you are visiting the correct website, do not put in any website URL while searching. Just search the name of the website and Google will show the page with the most traffic, deeming it as the original one. 

How does Moviesda Earn Revenue?

As discussed earlier, Moviesda provides movies for free to their websites. Although these movies are pirated illegally, without the knowledge or permission of the owners of the film, people still prefer to see from here. Such preference is because neither do they have to spend money on expensive streaming platforms nor do they have to leave the comfort of their own home to go to theatres. They can just go to this website, download the movies, and watch them wherever they want to. 

So if they are not taking a single rupee from their customers, how are they making money from doing this? Well, a simple answer to this is ads. Almost all piracy websites earn their revenue from putting advertisements. Some websites have advertisements out in the open on every page of their website, while some have them hidden. Moviesda is one such website that has hidden advertisements. Every time you click on say a movie name, menu section, or anything on the website, you will be first abruptly redirected to an advertisement page. You have to continue returning back and clicking on the same thing once or twice before it starts to work. While this may seem quite frustrating, it is the only way these websites earn money. 

Moviesda Downloads 

Moviesda has different folders full of movies, each with different names. This makes it easier for visitors to find the movie they are looking for. While some websites are known to arrange them according to their genres, Moviesda sorts them according to the year they were released. Here are all the folders available under the Moviesda Downloads section:

  • Tamil 2021 Movies
  • Tamil 2020 Movies
  • Tamil 2019 Movies
  • Tamil 2018 Movies
  • Tamil 2017 Movies
  • Tamil 2016 Movies
  • Tamil 2015 Movies
  • Tamil 2012 Movies
  • Tamil Movies Collection: This folder contains different folders of movies directed by particular South Indian directors. If you plan on binging on movies that are directed by a particular person, this is for you. 
  • Tamil Movies (Single Part): Often, while downloading, you will find parts of a movie available for download instead of just one whole file. This allows smartphone users to save space by downloading one part, watching it, deleting it, and then downloading the next one. However, movies under this folder, only have one single part available and thus, the whole movie has to be downloaded at once. 
  • Tamil HD Mobile Movies: This folder contains movies with different video quality options. So if you have less space on your mobile, you can opt for a file with the lesser video quality. The lower the quality of a video is, the lesser is its downloadable file size. 
  • Tamil Movies Update Daily: This folder contains daily updates of the latest Tamil, Telegu, and Malayalam films. This also contains older South Indian films that were previously not available on the website but are now available. You can check out which film is popular at the moment and watch it for free.

How To Download Movies

To download movies from Moviesda, search for the one you are looking for by browsing through the different folders or searching it via the search option. Once you get it, click on it. You will be either given another set of folders where you can choose the video quality of the movie, or be presented directly with the downloadable files. On clicking on the file, you will be taken to another webpage containing the actual file for download. You might be prompted to clear reCAPTCHA. Once you are verified, you can click on the download button and your file will automatically start downloading on your device. 

While using piracy websites such as Moviesda, make sure you protect your IP address and identity by using an effective VPN app. Pirating movies or downloading pirated movies is a form of copyright infringement and you can be fined or even jailed if caught.