Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance?




As a professional makeup artist, you’re accountable for making people look and feel amazing after a makeover. Whether you’re a self-employed or freelance makeup artist or choose to work in a salon, there are many scenes where you can perform.

With the mounting phenomenon of social media, everybody wants to look at their best, whether it’s for a special occasion, a normal office day or a casual evening out. Your makeup know-how, contour wizardry and brow powers are massively sought after, however, nothing these days come without pitfalls. Accidents do happen, and unexpected events can take a turn for the worse; someone can have an adverse reaction to your pigments, or your salon equipment can become lost or stolen. As a conscious business owner, it’s in your best interest to safeguard your business from such surprises. 

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Why Do Makeup Artists Need Insurance?

As a makeup professional, your responsibilities might involve, but not limited to:

  • Checking briefs to understand the desired look and the materials required
  • Discussing with and understanding customer wishes and expectations
  • Collaborating with other members within the beauty team ensure looks are consistent
  • Demonstrating an understanding of photography, lighting, and the impact makeup has on the skin
  • Apply health and safety measures and maintain awareness in accordance with the Health and Safety Act
  • Locating, funding and ordering products and materials
  • Working and time management under pressure
  • Taking photographs and notes of work to update and maintain a personal portfolio

According to Insuranks, a customer could make a compensation claim if an accident occurred during the makeover; similarly, you can file a claim if your makeup tools have been stolen during working hours. 

Makeup Insurance covers:

  • Public Liability: This will cover your client in the event an injury happens within the customer’s home, your home or third-party premises.
  • Treatment Liability: Provides clients with coverage if an injury occurs as a result of your treatment.

How Much Does the Makeup Coverage Cost?

As with all kinds of insurance, the cost of insurance coverage for a makeup artist can vary considerably based on the type of work you do and your qualification. In general, the average makeup artist insurance cost for the general liability coverage is between $26 per month or $310 per year. Aside from the average amount you receive as a makeup artist, insurance will also need to consider the size of the business you’re working with. At the end of the day, the cost of your makeup artist coverage will massively depend on the amount of risk your insurer will take on your behalf.