Developing a Foot Care Routine




Foot care is more important than caring for your face in many ways. But feet can be one of the most ignored body organs for a majority of the population and several reasons. Firstly, feet mostly stay hidden under shoes. Even if people take off their shoes, they can keep wearing socks.

While many believe wearing socks constantly to be a protective measure for their feet, it can be harmful to the feet. Since feet sweat just like any other body part, constantly wearing socks and shoes can give rise to a stale odor in the socks. It can also lead to the development of bacteria and fungi and can easily lead to foot infections and problems. 

However, you can avoid all the foot problems and keep your feet healthy and clean by following only a few simple steps every day. Unsurprisingly, taking care of your feet isn’t very different from taking care of the skin on your face. Let’s take a look at a simple but effective foot care routine below:

Washing the Feet

Washing the feet is much easier than washing the face. All you need is some mild soap and running water. You can make it even easier by washing your feet during your daily shower. However, simply washing your feet alone may not be enough if you are new to following a foot care routine. If you have hardened skin on your feet, you will need to scrub them. 

Scrubbing the Feet

You cannot heal any dead skin on your feet; such skin can only be removed. However, if you try to pull this skin, you will subject yourself to a lot of pain. Hence, the only way to remove dead skin from your feet is by scrubbing it off gently.

Again, if you are new to foot care, give it some time. You won’t be able to remove all the dead skin in one session of scrubbing. Go gentle on your feet by washing them twice a day, morning and night, and following the nightly shower with gentle scrubbing. 

Moisturizing the Feet

If you wash your feet in the morning, pat dry with a clean towel before putting on your socks and shoes and leaving for work. Don’t dry your feet after a thorough rinse for a foot care routine carried out at night. Instead, seal in the moisture by applying a thick moisturizer. 

Such a moisturizer will help make the skin of your feet soft and will make the following day’s scrubbing session easier. Cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and petroleum jelly-based moisturizers work well for almost all feet. 

You will find moisturized dead skin much easier to scrub off than hardened skin. Pay extra attention to heels and toenail beds by applying a generous amount of moisturizer to them.

Let Your Feet Rest

Once moisturized, let your feet rest by plopping them on a pillow or a footrest. You can engage in any relaxing activity alongside, such as reading or watching your favorite show or even scrolling through social media apps. 

Let your feet absorb all the moisture you have applied to them. If you need to move around in your home afterward, put on a clean pair of socks on your feet. You can take off the socks before you sleep.  

Schedule Professional Checkups

Like other scheduled medical checkups, you should also visit a podiatrist at least once a year. However, if you are new to your foot care routine, are a diabetic, or are physically active, consider seeing a podiatrist to treat shin splints or any other issue that you find with your feet. Get other common foot problems such as plantar fasciitis, blisters, or corns examined immediately too. 

Your feet are the base of your body, and keeping this base strong is essential. If you don’t take care of your body’s foundation, it won’t be able to stand or move around much. 

Weekly Foot Soak

Last but not least, a weekly foot soak can greatly improve your feet’ health. Simply add some sea salt and shampoo to a small tub of warm water and let your feet rest in it for 15 minutes. Scrub gently before rinsing off your feet with clean water. Moisturize afterward. You can also swap this step with a professional pedicure. Go for a medicated pedicure if you want to be extra careful about foot hygiene. 

Finally, stay consistent with the foot care routine for lasting results. Following a daily foot care routine will ensure that your feet always stay clean and never smell bad.