Crackstreams: Watch Live Streaming of NFL and NBA games for Free




Many sports enthusiasts are known to use piracy websites as a way of watching live streams of all games without having a cable connection or paying anything to subscription-based platforms. One such piracy website that offers free live streams of popular sports games is Crackstreams. The website offers live streams of all games of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and Boxing. 

You can even watch the previous games of the season if you have missed the live streams. The stream link is updated on the website one day before the actual gamer so that the fans do not scramble at the last moment to find the link. 

NFL Streams Live Streams and Schedule

The games of the NFL or National Football League for the 2021-2022 season started on 2nd November 2021. Since the beginning of the season, Crackstreams have regularly supplied the links to the live streams of the game. Here are all the upcoming games available for the NFL:

  • Indianapolis Colts vs. New York Jets, Nov. 4
  • Miami Dolphins vs. Baltimore Ravens, Nov. 11
  • Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots, Nov. 18
  • New Orleans Saints vs. Buffalo Bills, Nov. 25
  • New Orleans Saints vs. Dallas Cowboys, Dec. 2
  • Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, Dec. 9
  • Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs, Dec. 16
  • Tennessee Titans vs. San Francisco 49ers, Dec. 23
  • Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns, Dec. 25
  • Arizona Cardinals vs. Indianapolis Colts,  Dec. 25

To get access to these streams, visit the Crackstreams website. The very first section is called ‘NFL Streams Live Streams and Schedule’. Under it, you will find a tab with the name ‘NFL Regular Season 2021-2022. Click to view all games’. Click on this tab. You will be taken to a page with all the games of the season as well as their respective time and date. 

Click on the one you want to see. You will be taken to a page consisting of a video player and a chat box beside it. With the help of the chatbox, you can chat with other people who are viewing the game right now via Crackstreams. Links are deleted after a day or two of the original game. So you might not get access to previous games if you have missed the live stream after that particular time period. 

NBA Streams Live Streams and Schedule

You can get all the games of the NBA or National Basketball Association for the season 2021 on Crackstreams. Since there are a huge number of games during the NBA season, you cannot find tabs for all of them like the NFL. Instead, you will find links to games of two days at a time. At the moment, you can find the links to the games of 8th and 9th November. Here is a list of some of the much-awaited upcoming games that will be available for the rest of November as well as their date:

  • Tue Nov 9, Milwaukee Bucks vs Philadelphia 76ers
  • Tue Nov 9, Atlanta Hawks vs Utah Jazz
  • Tue Nov 9, Portland Trail Blazers vs Los Angeles Clippers
  • Wed Nov 10, Washington Wizards vs Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Wed Nov 10, Brooklyn Nets vs Orlando Magic
  • Thurs Nov 11, Indiana Pacers vs Utah Jazz
  • Fri Nov 12, New York Knicks vs Charlotte Hornets
  • Sat Nov 13, Miami Heat vs Utah Jazz
  • Sun Nov 14, Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets
  • Mon Nov 15, Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks
  • Tue Nov 16, Golden State Warriors vs Brooklyn Nets
  • Wed Nov 17, Cleveland Cavaliers vs Brooklyn Nets

MLB Streams Live Streams and Schedule and NHL Streams Live Streams and Schedule

The 2021-2022 season for MLB as well as NHL ended, which is why you will find these sections empty. However, as soon as the next season comes in, you will find all the games listed under their respective sections. 

Boxing Streams Live Streams and Schedule

It is quite hard to find online piracy streaming websites that provide live streams of Boxing matches. However, Crackstreams is a rare website that provides live streams of all popular Boxing championship games. Streams for Boxing can be found at the very end of the landing page. 

Is it Safe to Watch From Crackstreams?

People from all over the world use Crack Streams primarily because the games are not streamed in their respective countries. Fans of NFL and NBA who do not live in America find it hard to watch the games while they are being played, compelling them to turn towards Crackstreams as a solution. However, despite the popularity of this website, it is still an illegal piracy website. The streams are sourced illegally, which is why they can provide them to people for free. Although it is safe to watch streams on Crackstreams, it is certainly not legal to do so. 

Copyright infringement is a serious crime in countries like India. You can be fined lakhs and lakhs of rupees if you are found guilty and can even be jailed for months and even years. However, there is a vast majority of people watching such illegal movies, shows, and live streams. While the government cannot hold accountable all the population, they target websites that supply pirated content. Piracy websites including Crackstreams have been more than once banned by the government. However, they keep on functioning through their copy websites with different URLs to keep on earning money through advertisements. Even the Crackstreams website you will get by searching on Google is a copy of the actual one which has been long banned by the government.

For the sake of your protection, you must secure your identity if you decide to go on such websites. Moreover, you can come across viruses and malware on such websites which can harm your device and leave your data vulnerable to hackers. Always use a VPN app that creates a Virtual Private Network for your device. With the help of a VPN, your internet activity will be encrypted and your identity will stay protected.