Atithi Devo Bhava Full Movie review : Performance, plus point and many more [ 2022 ]




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He is employed by a software company as Abhay (Aadi Sai Kumar). Monophobia is his problem. When left alone for more than a few minutes, Abhay kills himself.

Getting married would be good for Abhay’s long-term happiness, according to his mother. Vaishali (Nuveksha) is his favorite girl, but he buys time to tell her his problem.

He suddenly finds himself alone in his house one day. He seeks the company of his friend Giri (Saptagiri).

He has many problems when he is left alone for a night. What is his solution?

Artistes’ Performances:

The role is played by Adi Saikumar in his usual way. Despite the fact that he plays a software professional, he beats up goons and police officers like he’s a pahilwan.

Nuveksha, the newcomer, seems to be doing well. Rouhini is excellent in her role. Sattagiri’s role as a hero’s friend is not very entertaining.

Plus Points:

In the film, there is an interesting conflict point. I found Adi Sai Kumar’s performance quite impressive. With all his efforts, he managed to impress everyone, despite his lack of confidence and various variations.

Suveksha does a good job as the heroine. She does quite well in both romantic and emotional scenes. Rohini does a good job in the role of the mother. Saptgagiri delivered a tremendous performance in this film and left a lasting impression. Hope you are enjoying Atithi Devo Bhava Full Movie review .

Minus Points:

Despite the fact that the story of the film is new, the narration is dull. In establishing the main characters, the director takes too long. Things get boring during the first half of the movie. He did not use the opportunity to elevate the conflict point despite its potential.

Moreover, many of the movie’s main characters appear to be helpless at times. It is also a big drawback that the story does not have many scenes that engross the audience.


‘Ghajini has been shown to suffer from short-term memory loss. The problem with sunlight has been seen in Nikhil Siddhartha.

The play “Atithi Devo Bhava” describes a new phobia: Monophobia. This condition is characterized by a mental illness, as a doctor explains in the film. Anxiety about being left alone! I have never heard of a hero with such a problem before. The storyline is unique in that sense.

The narrative of “Atithi Devo Bhava” deals with a novel issue, but it is plagued by age-old problems such as a lack of effective direction, poor writing, dragged scenes, etc.

Nearly 30 minutes have passed since the director introduced the hero’s problem and the other characters. At this point, the story has no direction. In many places, he behaves like a psycho even though he is afraid of being alone. He also doesn’t seem to have a sense of common sense.

In his behavior with the thief and relative of his adjacent flat, the director has clearly filled in the gaps with scenes that are arbitrary.

A single element makes the whole point – the hero won’t even tell his close friend or lover about his phobia. Due to this, people are forced to be near him, which leads to misunderstandings. It would have worked if this situation had been handled in a humorous manner.

It would have been different if it had been narrated like a thriller. However, the story does not progress. After a point, the whole thing loses its focus and becomes monotonous. A monophobia scene also becomes monotonous over time.

The narrative is uninvolving, and that is the biggest problem. Several scenes in the movie defy logic and look like they came right out of the movies. Everything happens in one night in the second half.

The director seems to lack a clear idea of what he wants to say. Even though it has a couple of pleasant songs, and it is filled with illogical situations and boring scenes, “Atithi Devo Bhava” fails to impress.

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