Affordable and Customizable Curtains and Blinds to Make Your House More Personal




Have you just moved into your new place after years of living with your family? If yes, for sure you were so excited that you already bought new pieces of furniture and plenty of decorative items. Besides that, you also painted the wall with a new color and purchased new lighting fixtures. You did all of those things to avoid making the place look bare and boring. Who would even want to live in a house that screams loneliness and sadness, right? Since it is your first time living alone, you would want the place to look beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 

Despite these conscious efforts of making the house more welcoming and vibrant, you might not still be satisfied with the outcome.  One of the reasons behind this is that you fail to add a touch to your personality and taste. Toa Address this problem, you must purchase customizable curtains and blinds to be placed on your living room, bedroom, and kitchen space. They are essential for light control, privacy, and efficiency in using energy.

Window treatments have the power to make or break the interior of your house. So it is necessary to purchase from stores that allow you to design it per your tastes and preferences. Don’t worry if you no longer have a large sum of money to purchase customizable curtains and blinds. The market now offers cost-effective items that will not break the bank. Rest assured that the manufacturers did not compromise their quality even if they have cheaper price tags. In this article, you will get to know the top 3 affordable blinds and curtains that will help you make your house appear more personal. 

Difference between custom curtains and custom blinds

The majority of people do not know the difference between curtains and blinds. They often use them interchangeably but what they don’t know is that each has different benefits. In terms of window coverage, blinds can directly cover the window while curtains are usually hung in front of the window with a length that touches the floor. The former is classified into different categories, such as roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and roman blinds. 

If you are concerned with durability and cleanliness, blinds are a better option because they are not susceptible to moths or other insects. They are not like curtains that can easily be stained by coffee and other spilled drinks. 

If you want to make the place warmer and elegant, go for curtains. On the other hand, you may purchase sleek blinds if you want to achieve a minimalist, modern-looking home. It is recommended to place blinds in your bathroom and kitchen because they are resistant to moisture while the curtains are ideal for your living room, bedroom, and study room because of their ability to add visual appeal. 

The 5 affordable window treatments to buy for your new house

  1. CTR-407 Roman blinds

These Roman blinds from the Yorkshire Fabric Shop are made from heavyweight chenille upholstery fabrics composed of 60% polyester and 40% acrylic. It features a variety of colors with a witch floral detail. It has a fabric weight of 500 grams per square meter and a fabric roll width of 135 cm. 

The shop will allow you to specify your desired measurements and mechanism. You can also choose if you want to sew it by hand or by using a machine. In terms of the fabric treatment, you can choose from several options, such as flame retardant treatment and soil and stain treatment but each of them entails additional cost. 

  1. Colony jungle leaves made to measure curtain

This curtain has a colony jungle leaves pattern with a black background color. It is made from printer soft velour furnishing fabric materials with a composition of 100% polyester. It has a fabric weight of 220 grams per linear meter and a fabric roll width of 135 cm. 

 It is offered either by pair or single to cater to a larger market. You may also choose from pencil pleat, tab top, eyelet, double pinch pleat, and triple pinch pleat for its heading. After that, you can specify your desired width and height of the curtain. Besides that, you also select from various lining types, fabric treatments, and finishing. 

  1. Aluminum miniblinds

These aluminum mini blinds from Zebra Blinds are one of the cheapest yet durable window solutions available in the market. It is available in a  wide range of styles and colors so you can surely pinpoint the one that best fits your home. It is also fire-retardant and stain-resistant making it highly functional.

It will make any home, office, or commercial space more elegant for only $40 to $150 depending on the size that you will choose. 

  1. Faux window blinds

If you want window blinds that can offer a wooden touch to your interior at an affordable price, then these faux wood blinds are the best option. It is not made of true wooden materials that are more expensive yet it can provide the same level of luxury. It can last for several years as it can withstand any climatic conditions. It will not be damaged even if it will be exposed to extreme UV rays. Besides that, it can survive even in high humidity areas. 

This blind can double as a decorative item in the room because of its streamlined design that can exude elegance and aesthetics. Its price ranges from $40 to $150 and you can customize it to have a stylish modern window. 

  1. Westwood custom made curtains

This custom-made curtain from Westwood has a navy blue and white color that compliments each other. It is made from thermal coated textured fabric perfect to completely block the light coming through your room. It has a fabric width of 145 cm where its material is composed of 100% polyester. 

When you purchase it, you will be given the chance to select the curtain style that will match the interior of your house. You will also have to input the height and width of your windows.

In a Nutshell

After knowing the impact that customizable window treatments can give to your house, you are now probably searching “curtains and blinds near me” on google. Make sure to find the right ones for every room in your house to avoid wasting time and money!