9 Best Online Tools for High School Students




Students in an online high school should have access to comparable materials to assist them to succeed in their academics. With the entire globe at their fingertips, the number of online learning resources available to them is virtually limitless.

As we are all aiming for optimum learning, we should not overlook how online tools could be a facilitative way to truly achieve education. Despite that, we must also not forget that there are just certain online tools that could sincerely help students to keep on track in their studies safely. Some software on the internet contains malware that could compromise the data and information of the involved people in a specific device. Hence, here are the best and reliable online tools that you can depend on as a high school student. Dive into this blog to discover them all.

  1. GogoPDF

PDF files are indeed one of the mainstream file formats that you will be using in high school. This school life stage will immerse you in digital strategies and digital files are part of it. To assist you with this, ensure you are using a reliable PDF file converter, most especially from JPG files, like the GogoPDF JPG to PDF tool.

Your picture library may be carefully cataloged with the aid of this GogoPDF’s online converter. This internet tool merges several photos into a single PDF file, rotating, resizing, and resizing images automatically while maintaining the original resolution. This JPG To PDF converter has a drag-and-drop function that allows you to add and convert files in just a few clicks, making the procedure faster and more comfortable. Reduce the tension that comes with having too many photos scattered throughout the house. Today, give our JPG To PDF converter a try. The Windows, Linux, and Mac versions of the operating systems are also all completely compatible with the tool. Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, to mention a few, are also among the online browsers that support it.

  1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a great tool for high school kids, regardless of their language learning ability. It includes thorough instructions for nine widely taught languages, making it useful for both beginners and advanced speakers. With straightforward, step-by-step advancements that include vocabulary and grammatical principles, the app also transforms learning into a game. The best part? The software is accessible for both Apple and Android smartphones and is free.

  1. ReadWriteThink

You can tell from the name that this isn’t just one tool. It can aid in the development of all three abilities. The tool is ideal for high school students. Students may use these interactive online writing tools to help them with a variety of writing activities, such as drafting business letters on templates, creating comics, and developing storyboarding abilities.

  1. Evernote

Studying can take place on a variety of platforms, but with Evernote, you can save all of your notes, information, and research in one location. This site can sync your information between tablets and smartphones, share with other users, collect web clips, and create everything from one centralized pillar, making it an excellent organizing tool. Evernote may be used for a variety of tasks, including keeping research paper content organized, organizing presentation notes, and producing study guides based on in-class note-taking, as well as ordinary non-school chores.

  1. Grammarly

Making sure your grammar and spelling are accurate is an important part of academic study. If your writing might use some help, Grammarly can ensure that your research and subsequent work are proper. The browser add-on is simple to use, educational, and will assist you in improving your writing by pointing out areas where it may be enhanced. This free application can help you with your work approach, whether you’re sending an email or working on a project. It not only defines what has to be changed but also explains why it needs to be changed, allowing you to make the right decisions.

  1. StudyBlue

StudyBlue can allow students to get the answers they need, whether they are cramming for a final or stuck on a subject. A community-driven collection of flashcards, discussions, and study aids is available on the online service. Students may utilize the free version to ask any questions of the roughly 7 million members in the community and browse through recommended flashcards within a course or theme. Students may access over 400 million pieces of information in the premium edition. StudyBlue is also accessible for Apple and Android smartphones, allowing students to learn whenever and wherever they choose.

  1. Khan Academy

Another fantastic alternative for individuals who wish to study and learn more outside of the classroom is Khan Academy. This free resource offers you a variety of class alternatives based on your educational background and interests. Basic geometry, electrical engineering, microeconomics, organic chemistry, personal finance, and other topics are covered. Khan will match you with courses that will help you achieve your objectives once you’ve chosen your interests. The software keeps track of your progress and assists you in staying on track!

  1. Schooltraq

Keeping track of homework, examinations, and activities makes it much easier to schedule study time. Schooltraq is an online digital calendar that helps students keep track of their due dates. This service, which is an alternative to the conventional paper agenda, ensures that you never lose track of your schedule because it syncs between your computer and phone.

  1. HowToStudy

Do you want to learn more about how to deal with stress? Why do not you make a plan to write essays in a week? HowToStudy assists students by compiling a wide range of study materials from around the web. HowToStudy arranges materials by subject in a simple and easy-to-use format. You may also learn how and where to study by browsing through their compiled tips on every aspect of the learning process, from commencing your study session to controlling exam anxiety on the big day, as their website name implies.


Online tools could truly help you to turn your challenging tasks into simple solutions as a high school student. At the end of the day, the most important thing about learning is that relying on your studying skills and your inner intelligence through discipline.