9 Amazing Benefits of Pine Essential Oil




What is pine oil?

  • Essential oils are becoming more widely recognised as viable medicine alternatives. 
  • Pine essential oil is derived from pine trees and has a distinct woody fragrance. 

Pine oil benefits

  • A frequently asked question is “what is pine oil used for”
  • Pine essential oil benefits are numerous in number. 
  • There are other variations like pine needle oil and more specifically pine tree essential oil.

Red pine needle oil

  • Red Pine Needle Oil (Pinus densiflora), also known as Japanese Red Pine Needle Oil or Korean Red Pine Needle Oil, is an oil derived from the needles of the Pinus densiflora tree.
  • Red pine needle oil benefits are numerous.

Following are the benefits of red pine needle oil

Pine needle oil benefits- What is pine essential oil good for

  • Essential oil of pine is known for its uplifting yet refreshing smell. 
  • Pine scented essential oil is commonly use as an aromatic good.
  • As a result, pine needle essential oil may be used as a room aroma as well as in cleaning solutions.
  • There are several tales and articles on the internet claiming that pine essential oil has more health advantages than just a pleasant aroma. 

Aromatherapy and air fresheners

  • Pine needle oil extracts are commonly utilised in home, workplace, and car air fresheners. Aromatherapy, on the other hand, maybe utilised to produce an uplifting and energising atmosphere, not merely a pleasant fragrance.
  • Inhaling oils such as pine may help clear the airways in the event of diseases such as the common cold.

Antimicrobial for the skin

  • The oil may theoretically be used to treat minor skin diseases and burns.
  • Pine needles essential oil, on the other hand, does not appear to have a significant antibacterial effect, according to the study. Before taking pine oil, for this reason, see your doctor.

Inflammation is reduced.

  • Acne, eczema, and rosacea are examples of inflammatory skin disorders.
  • Assist in the relief of pain caused by linked health issues such as arthritis and muscular discomfort.

Can Help With Skin Care

  • One of the most significant health advantages of pine essential oil is its potential function in the treatment of a variety of skin conditions. 
  • It can offer you a balanced, smooth, regenerated, and lustrous complexion, as well as act as an antioxidant for free radicals that harm your skin. 
  • Free radicals damage and alter healthy skin cells, resulting in wrinkles, drooping skin, and premature ageing. 

Cosmetic Applications 

  • Perfumes and perfumed items are also made using it. 
  • Pine wood oil also commonly used as a massage and bath oil, and is believed to eradicate lice from the hair
  • Pine oil for hair is a common application of the same.

Metabolism Booster

  • Pine essential oil may also raise your metabolism and activity levels. 
  • Due to its potential capacity to heal digestive disorders, it is also beneficial in detoxifying the body. 
  • It’s a diuretic, which means it aids in the removal of excess water from the body through urine. 
  • You remove more uric acid, extra water, salt, and fat from your body by increasing the frequency and volume of urine. 
  • It may also help to keep the kidneys healthy because the toxins aren’t filtered twice. 
  • Pine essential oil is also used to treat food poisoning since it stimulates the body’s natural ability to digest and remove toxins through urine.

May Help to Relieve Pain

  • Pine essential oil is an analgesic, making it a useful cure for persons suffering from joint discomfort, arthritis, and rheumatic diseases.

Stress Relief Possibilities

  • Pine oil may have some emotional advantages in addition to its physiological effects. 
  • It can provide you a boost of energy and help you get rid of mental tension from a variety of causes. It’s also used medicinally to relieve adrenal exhaustion and lift your spirits because it’s a great mood booster. 
  • Regularly receiving pine essential oil massages will help you gain mental clarity as well as ease anxiety and nervous tension.

Possibly Beneficial to Eye Care

  • Pine essential oil’s antioxidant activity and possible ability to neutralise free radicals have both been linked to improved eye health. 

Infections Could Be Reduced

  • Pine oil is a natural treatment for a variety of illnesses, including infections of the urinary tract (UTI).
  • Its antimicrobial components are responsible for this protective effect once again.

Injuries may be treated.

  • This is owing to its antibacterial qualities, as well as its antifungal properties. 
  • Fungal infections are among the most deadly and hardest to cure illnesses, and they can even be fatal if they spread inside. 
  • As a result, utilising pine essential oil to rid your body of any fungal infections is a great option.

Could Help With Respiratory Issues

  • Pine essential oil is often used as a cold and cough medication and has the ability to cure respiratory disorders. 
  • This is due to its expectorant properties, which allow it to loosen phlegm and mucus in the respiratory tracts, making it simpler to expel.
  • Your body will be able to fight the initial illness faster and recover faster if the quantity of deposits in your respiratory tracts is reduced.

Misc properties

Pine oil antiseptic- Pine oil has antiseptic properties which help in healing wounds.

Anti-inflammatory effects have been discovered in several essential oils. These are some of them:

  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • Frankincense
  • peppermint
  • Pine oil’s side effects

Some essential oils, on the other hand, are harmful to pets and hazardous to pregnant women and children. Skin responses to various oils, especially pine essential oil, are also possible.

Pine essential oil uses

Pine oil uses are numerous in number. It has a variety of applications, including inhalation and topical applications. Consult a physician about the following options.

Make use of a diffuser.

  • By adding a few drops of pine essential oil to a diffuser loaded with water, you may create a fast and safe room aroma. 
  • The diffuser emits cool steam once the gadget is turned on.
  • A diffuser may be purchased online.

Inhale it deeply.

  • If you don’t have a diffuser, you may still benefit from the fragrant properties of pine essential oil by inhaling it.
  • You might also try holding the essential oil bottle under your nose.

Use it topically.

  • Pine essential oil can be used topically, either directly or by massage.
  • Before using pine essential oil straight to your skin, dilute it with a carrier oil. 
  • Using a tablespoon of almond, jojoba, or coconut oil and a few drops of pine essential oil, make a massage oil.
  • You may also do a patch test with this combo 24 hours ahead of time to be sure you’re not allergic to pine.

Toss some in your bath.

  • In addition, essential oils can be utilised in the bath. Several drops of essential oil can be added to warm running water. 
  • When getting in and out of the tub, keep an eye out for slick surfaces.

How to make pine essential oil

Steps on how to make pine oil:

1. In a crock pot or saucepan, pour around 25 ounces olive oil (low temp).

2. Add at least twice as much pine needles/branches as oil, if not more.

3. Place needles in crock pot with end of spatula (end of spatula will assist split needles apart to reveal aroma).

4.Cook for 5-6 hours on low (max 160 degrees). Repack every hour or so with the spatula’s end (push down into oil).

5.When the infusion is finished, strain the oil into a jar using cheese cloth or mesh, discarding the old cooked needles.

6.You may use this aromatic pine needle oil infusion to make candles, salves, or meals.

Where can I purchase pine essential oil?

  • Pine oil may be found at natural health stores, drugstores, and massage clinics due to the popularity of essential oils. You may also shop for pine oil items on the internet. 
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