7 Skincare Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix





If you want to maintain bright, healthy-looking skin, having a good skincare routine is vital. Not having a good routine will result in your skin becoming dry, dull, and looking older than it is.

While having a routine is important, so is making sure that you’re doing the right things. Many people make common mistakes when performing their regimens, and those mistakes could be harming your skin quite a bit.

Understanding the mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them will help you ensure your routine is as effective as possible. Also, make sure that you’re using quality products like anti-wrinkle creams and top-rated skin brighteners if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of dark spots.

Do your best to avoid these common skincare mistakes.

7 Skincare Mistakes You’re Making

  1. Using Facial Wipes Too Often

Facial wipes are a quick, convenient way of getting rid of makeup and oil buildup on your face as part of your skincare routine after a long day, right?

Well, the reality is that facial wipes could be doing your skin more damage than good. That’s because these wipes might be far harsher on your skin than you expect. They also don’t remove all of the dirt and grime on your face, which means you’re not cleaning your skin as thoroughly as it needs.

How to Fix It

Of course, the best way to fix this issue is by making sure you’re using an actual cleanser instead of facial wipes. Health Web Magazine has some great recommendations if you’re looking for products. When traveling or during emergencies, using non-toxic makeup wipes may help.

  1. Not Applying Sunscreen

That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re protecting your skin.

Many of us remember to apply sunscreen in the summer, but did you know it’s equally important to apply it during the winter too? After all, the sun exists year-round! 

And remember, the sun’s rays can still affect you even if it’s cloudy outside.

How to Fix It

Make sure you’re applying sunscreen every day if you’re going to be outside and at any point. Remember to look for quality sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. You’ll also want to avoid chemical sunscreens, so aim instead for mineral sunscreens.

3] Using the Wrong Anti-Aging Products

Aging causes a lot of changes to the skin, and not all of these changes will be appreciated. One thing you may notice as a result of unhealthy habits like drinking or smoking or staying out in direct sunlight is the formation of dark spots.

When it comes to dark spots, not all of us know what to do. These spots can be frustrating to deal with, and using your regular skincare products to treat them may not be effective.

How to Fix It

Look into spot creams like Musely The Spot Cream and remember to speak to your doctor or dermatologist about whether this product might be right for you. 

Not all spot treatments are right for everyone, and your doctor or dermatologist will help determine if a particular product like Musely The Spot Cream is suitable for your skin.

4] Only Cleansing Once a Day

Many people think that cleansing their face once a day is enough. You may think that the day is when the grime buildup happens, which means you only need to cleanse in the evening before you go to bed.

If that’s your skincare routine, you’re making a major mistake! When you sleep, your face secretes oils, which can build up on your skin and damage it.

How to Fix It

Ensure to cleanse your skin twice a day, once at night and once again in the morning. Also, look for cleansers with quality ingredients like ceramides.

Health Web Magazine has lots of great advice and products if you’re looking for some new cleansers.

  1. You’re Not Exfoliating the Right Amount

Exfoliating your skin is important if you want to maintain its brightness and youthfulness. It helps with cell turnover, which is a process that your body uses to shed dead cells on the top of the skin and reveal the brighter, younger skin underneath.

But many of us don’t know how to exfoliate correctly. You might be either exfoliating your skin too much or too little, both of which are very common issues.

How to Fix It

Most dermatologists recommend exfoliating your skin 2 to 3 times per week to help skin look bright and youthful. Look for ingredients like AHAs that are known to help exfoliate skin effectively.

6] Using Retinol During the Day

Retinol is an important ingredient in skincare. It can help fix many common skin issues like reducing the appearance of pores and improving any hyperpigmentation. It’s also a great ingredient for those who struggle with acne to use.

But using it during the day could be a mistake that you’re making. Retinol becomes unstable when exposed to UV light, so using it during the day could render it ineffective.

How to Fix It

Stop applying products that contain retinol during the day. Instead, use them as part of your evening routine before you go to bed.

7] Not Staying Hydrated

When it comes to skin, many of us focus on it on only a surface level—literally. We forgot that a lot of what affects our skin has to do with the insides of our bodies.

If you’re worried about your skin being dry, applying a good moisturizer will certainly help. But staying hydrated will also help your skin maintain its health.

How to Fix It

Most experts recommend drinking about 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to maintain hydration. Not only will this help your overall health, but it will help the appearance and texture of your skin too.


If you’re looking to maintain healthy and youthful-looking skin, then having an effective skincare routine is crucial. Make sure you’re avoiding the above mistakes and using quality products like the top-rated skin brighteners and wrinkle creams to keep skin bright, smooth, and glowing.