6 Features about Youtube that you didn’t know




Youtube is the biggest video-sharing platform, with more than one billion users worldwide. It’s very good at helping people become famous as a person, a musician, or an artist. 

It is among the best ways to get your message across. Many people use YouTube to promote a business or product, raise awareness, etc. There are many reasons why people use social media which you can find on by vising TechWhoop. The great thing about YouTube is the amount of data available to improve your video and better engage your audience.

It has changed the way we share and consume content on the internet, and it continues to evolve with more added options, especially for marketers and business owners.

Have you ever taken advantage of Youtube’s potential? If not, this article will tell you more about Youtube and what it can offer you.

YouTube is an excellent place for watching videos and viewing content, and it’s been around for years with no signs of slowing down. In the article below, I write about the many things you can do on Youtube that you didn’t know about. 

There are some pretty cool features that you may not have known about that are helpful and save time!

● Customize several videos simultaneously.

YouTube has been known for its video editing capabilities that let creators edit multiple videos simultaneously, and this feature makes YouTube stand out from other video hosting platforms.

Many creators use this feature to compile their content, which is a great way to create a viral hit and increase views on your videos. This is useful for cases where you need to make the exact change to multiple videos.

This feature helps make changes promptly without making changes one video at a time. There are instances where you’ll need to make the exact change to multiple videos.

● Make a video to be published later.

Consider the feature if you have a busy content calendar or don’t want to bombard subscribers with a series of videos. It will allow you to schedule your videos and publish them later.

If you want to grow your Youtube channel, you might consider using the Youtube feature known as “Schedule.” This provides you greater control over the publishing process by allowing you to arrange when your video will go online.

● Use hotkeys to explore YouTube.

Hotkeys are a way to navigate YouTube that can save you time and effort. You can use these keyboard shortcuts to quickly move around, search, and explore YouTube.

To amaze your colleagues, you might wish to know the following shortcut keys:

● Shift+N = Continue on to the next video.

● Shift P = Return to the preceding video.

● F = Enable full-screen mode.

● Spacebar = Play/Pause.

● K = In the player, you may stop and resume.

● M = Mute/unmute.

● J = Back up 10 secs in the player.

● I = In the player, go ahead 10 seconds.

● . = Skipping to the next frame when the video is stopped.

● = Return to the previous picture when the video is stopped.

● < = Reduce the video speed.

● > = Increase the video speed.

● Animated GIFs can be created from Videos.

YouTube is a video-sharing site where people may upload and share videos with the rest of the civilized world. You can find all sorts of videos on this platform, ranging from funny pranks to educational lectures. Another feature of YouTube is the ability to convert videos into animated GIFs.

This allows users to customize their gifs by adding their text or changing the colors in the video. This also gives people a chance to make memes and share them with friends on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

The YouTube videos are not the only ones that can be turned into animated GIFs. And there are other websites like GIFs that allow users to upload their videos and turn them into GIFs.

In addition, many popular YouTubers have made it their job to create these animated GIFs for other creators and for viewers who want a new way of experiencing content on YouTube.

● YouTube transcripts

Every video published on Youtube has a transcript made for it automatically. This is a great function since it allows people to see the footage simultaneously without listening and watching it. It also helps people who are not fluent in English or have difficulty understanding what they tend to.

If you’re unfamiliar with this function, go to the more tab and choose ‘transcript’ from the drop-down menu to get a transcript.

● With a pre-recorded Premiere, you can go live right away.

YouTube Premieres is a new feature that YouTube has introduced in their platform, allowing you to pre-record a video and go live right away. It’s not like the old way where you had to wait for the scheduled time or wait for your audience to see your videos, and it’s all about convenience and efficiency.

Wrapping Up

On a final note, Youtube is an excellent way to share your content. You should begin using Youtube if you want to boost your positive publicity, and it’s a great source of viral video marketing. 

Let’s hope this piece has inspired you to consider how you may maximize your Youtube experience. Many features and settings allow you to enhance your experience on Youtube, and these features can help you save time. 

In addition to watching videos, sharing your content, and other fun YouTube features, there are ways that you can optimize your account for success!