5 Reasons To Consider Over the Counter Medication for Anxiety




Anxiety symptoms can significantly impact your relationships, career, and everyday life. Finding relief is essential to living how you want. However, most anxiety medications require a prescription, making them less accessible. Fortunately, you can find homeopathic anxiety relief pills, supplements and herbs over-the-counter.

Do these options work as well as an anti-anxiety prescription? The answer is a little complicated. Anti-anxiety medications affect brain chemistry, the root cause of most anxiety disorders.

Which is best for you? However, over-the-counter medications have a few benefits that may fit your needs better than a prescription.

1. Brillia’s Trusted Reviews

If you want to find the best non prescription anxiety medication, all you have to do is look at reviews. Many people can’t take prescription anti-anxiety medication due to side effects, and OTC brands are their only options. When you read reviews, you can get a feel for how the medication may affect you.

2. Holistic Approach

Anxiety may have its roots in brain chemistry, but consuming chemicals isn’t the only way to remedy it. In fact, many professionals encourage a holistic approach to reduce anxiety symptoms:

  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Eating well
  • Going to therapy
  • Practicing self-soothing
  • Developing coping skills

OTC medications, supplements and herbs are a common component of this whole-person approach to wellness.

3. Fast-Acting

Most anti-anxiety prescriptions take a long time to work. They have to build up in your system over time, and you have to take them consistently or risk withdrawal. Depending on the dose, it could take as long as a month before you start feeling the effects.

Instead, you may benefit from a fast-acting OTC that alleviates symptoms within half an hour.

4. No Sky-Rocketing Costs

Prescription medications can be expensive, even if you have good insurance. There’s also the risk that your insurance company will stop covering a brand unexpectedly, leaving you to switch to something else or foot the bill.

Since OTC medications don’t require a prescription, you don’t have to rely on insurance to cover them. Most options are relatively cheap and aren’t in danger of price gouging by pharmaceutical companies.

5. Short-Term Solution

Individuals with anxiety disorders tend to experience symptoms all the time. However, you can still feel anxious without having a long-term condition. For example, many people experience the following:

  • Anxious feelings in specific situations, such as flying
  • Anxious feelings after major life changes, such as getting a new job
  • Anxious feelings during times of historical upheavals, such as a pandemic

It’s perfectly natural to feel anxious during these times, so your symptoms may not be the result of a disorder that requires long-term medication. Instead, you can get short-term relief from OTC combined with other holistic approaches.

Is over the counter anxiety medicine the solution to your anxious thoughts? If you’re struggling with anxiety symptoms, discuss this option with your doctor. With professional guidance, you can get relief.