4 ways to choose a leather jacket that complements your curves and fitting




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Leather jackets are closet staples. A universal favorite, nothing quite compares to the effortless chicness of a leather jacket. Simple yet statement and minimal yet bold, a leather jacket turns heads wherever it goes. Safe to say, no clothing arsenal is complete without one. 

A leather jacket is an investment piece, so it is understandable to have some questions before you decide to dig into your savings. One such question concerns the best type of leather jacket. Well, a simple answer would be that there is no best or worst in this category. When it comes to selecting a leather jacket, all that matters is finding the right type of jacket for your body type. If you get the fit right, everything else falls automatically into place. 

  • Finding the right fit 

When it comes to picking out a leather jacket, it is critical to find something that fits you well. This is a factor you must be mindful of without taking fashion or style into consideration. In fact, if you come to think of it, wearing the perfect fit is an integral rule of fashion so before anything, consider finding a piece that fits you perfectly. Your jacket must make you look and feel good. It should be comfortable and complement your body shape and type. 

With the plethora of available leather jacket options, it can be quite challenging to know what jacket cut and style work best for you.

There are four main body types, namely apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle. Understanding your body shape can simplify searching for the perfect leather jacket as you will know what to look out for. The key is to work with what you have got in a way that highlights your best parts. They always say play to your strengths, don’t they?

Let us help you find the best leather jacket for you according to your body type. 

  • Apple

The apple body type, also referred to as the inverted triangle body type is quite common. The apple body type is well proportioned yet not necessarily as curvy through the hips. The shoulders are generally broader than the hips, and there is a lack of a well-defined waistline. Often, true applied body types carry more weight in the midsection, unlike an inverted triangle body type. 

For the apple body type, the best leather jacket pick has to be a lengthened one. Long leather jackets elongate the body and give it a more form-fitted look. Opt for something in a straight or A-line cut to give your body a more balanced outlook. Just be mindful of the length, and you are sorted. 

  • Pear

Pear-shaped bodies, or triangular bodies, are all about curves. A curvy pear-shaped body entails a wider waist than the bust, fuller hips, fuller rear, and comparatively narrower shoulders. 

When working with a pear-shaped body, it is critical to find a jacket that elongates the body. Pear-shaped beauties look best in waist-length jackets or A-line jackets. In fact, they even look fantastic in boxy-cut jackets. It is best to work with something that crops at the waist and comes with a larger top part like breast pockets, a folding collar, etc. The aim here is to balance your proportions so the focus will be kept on the top half of the body. If you cannot find a leather jacket that caters to your demand, perhaps consider trying out custom leather jackets

  • Hourglass

Perhaps the most wanted body type of this age is the hourglass. To be honest, no one is complaining because hourglass bodies are the epitome of sexy. An hourglass body is curvy. It is characterized by a well-defined waist and fuller bust, thighs, and hips. In fact, the bust and hip measurements are roughly the same. Some often refer to hourglass bodies as voluptuous as well. 

While hourglass bodies are hot, trendy, and in demand, they are not easy to style. In the case of leather jackets, we suggest working with something that accentuates the waist and has a form-fitted look. Fitted biker or bomber jackets with elastic waistbands are pretty great in terms of both style and comfort. Steer clear of boxy oversized jackets as they do not flatter an hourglass physique. If you have got the curves, flaunt them, girl.  

  • Rectangle

Rectangular bodies are generally considered to be athletic bodies. They are not particularly curvy, and the shoulders and hips measure roughly the same. The waist is not small or defined, and the weight is fairly evenly distributed across the body. While people are not generally fond of rectangular bodies, they are the most fun to dress up as per stylists. 

When it comes to dressing up a rectangular body, it is essential to achieve a good balance. Unlike other body types, a rectangular body does not have one area more pronounced than the other. Therefore, it is best to focus the volume on a particular area, either top or bottom, to strike the perfect balance. We suggest opting for something shorter, either cropped or ending at the waist to accentuate the waistline. You may also work with something like a bomber cut if you want that chic and minimal look. If you are aiming for a bold and edgy look, play with biker jackets. So, all in all, rectangular bodies complement all jacket styles. Just play with varying lengths, and you are good to go. 

  • Parting thoughts

Every body type is different, and that is what makes everybody type beautiful. There is no singular blueprint to follow, which makes the world around us so unique and beautiful. When working with leather jackets, it is essential to experiment with different cuts and styles outside the guidebook because you never know you might stumble upon something great. So have fun styling your leather jacket – that is what a leather jacket is for, after all.

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