4 Simple Ways to Get Clean and Beautiful Nails:




Nails are as important as your hair and face. Indeed, it seems powerful to have strong nails, and applying products to these nails feels good. Strong and beautiful nails are vital if you like bright or nude nail colors and want to go with polish-free nails.

Undoubtedly, healthy nails are one of the less-visible confidence boosters. However, these are necessary as dirty nails have a wrong impression on others. It is not required to go regularly for a manicure; you can also follow a nail care routine at home.

Keeping your nail clean and giving it a proper shape is always a worthwhile investment. Fortunately, nail care doesn’t require your money but time. Thus, clean your nails and shape them weekly. Additionally, use nail care products to make them shiny and stunning.

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Nails Tell About Your Personality:

Believe it or not but people judge you by your hands and nails. It often happens when you meet someone; they will look in your eyes and then hands. Therefore, it is essential always to have well-maintained and clean hands and nails. 

Most of us give more importance to our dressing but often overlook well-manicured hands. We use our hands the most, such as picking coffee, paying money, and writing on copy mean every time our hands are on display. 

Thus, beautifully groomed nails and hands are associated with strong women. Nail care is not just fashion but a way of self-expression. Therefore, always keep in mind that your nails represent you. Give your hands and nails extra time to impart a positive and long-lasting impression on others. 

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Simple Ways to Strengthen your Nails:

In this blog post, we will discuss the routine and methods you should follow to make your hands and nails groomed and attractive. 

  1. Moisturize Your Nails:

Is nail moisturizing sound weird? Most think moisturization is only for skin or hair and overlooks nails. However, it is as essential for nails as for your skin. If you don’t moisturize your nails, they will become brittle, dry, and rough. 

Therefore, proper moisturization is the first step of the nail care routine. Thus, while buying skin care products, look for nail care products also. There are available many nail moisturizing products on the market. In addition, for better results, you can also use different nail creams and serums. 

  1. Avoid Cutting the Cuticles:

It is one of the standard practices to cut and get rid of cuticles entirely. However, we should not do it because the cuticle is the natural protective covering of nails. Therefore, cutting your cuticles can exert more harm than benefit. 

When we remove the cuticles, our nails become vulnerable, and the infection risk increases. Furthermore, injured or unhealthy cuticles cause damage to the nail bed. An injured nail bed has a severe impact on how your nails grow. Thus, always use a nail cream or cuticle serum to strengthen your nails.

  1. Reduce the Nail’s Exposure to Water:

Surprisingly, excessive water contact can weaken the nails and lead to breakage. However, it doesn’t mean stopping washing hands or taking a shower with gloves on but reducing the contact time. The best solution to this problem is using gloves while washing dishes or clothes. 

When you take a bath, your nails become soft and bendy. Indeed, nails are like a sponge, absorbing 1000 times more water than skin. Therefore, water gets quickly diffuses into the nails. Excessive water exposure can make your nails soft, brittle, and sensitive consequently, they break down quickly. 

In addition, the practice of soaking your nails in water before a manicure is a bad practice. This practice makes your nails prone to infection and doesn’t allow nail paint to adhere correctly. 

  1. Treat your Nails Similar to your Hair:

It is well known that hair and nails are made up of the same protein called keratin. Thus, both require the same care and attention. According to nail experts, hair and nails become damaged when using products containing chemicals. Furthermore, excessive processing can also cause dehydration of your hair and nails. 

Therefore, it is necessary to moisture your nails as you do your hair using conditioner. In the market, there are available nail conditioning serums that will have special effects. Furthermore, if you want to purchase original products, you must visit online stores such as Trulykomal, CoNatural, and vegas.Pk, etc.


Nails are also an essential part of your personality. Thus, you should give extra time and care to groom your nails. Today, it is pretty easy to take care of your nails at home because various nail care products are available on the market.