4 Must-Have Oils for a Healthy Hair Growth 




A minimal routine of oiling, shampooing, and conditioning can often bring results that most expensive cosmetic treatments cannot. The trick is to find those effective and certified products that are well worth their weight. If you have found your ideal hair oil for hair growth, then you are already on your way to achieving healthy strands. But if you think you are lost in countless options, maybe we could be of some assistance. 

Do you remember the time your mother would oil your hair frequently? We all have been there but feeling nostalgic here only means you are set on the right path for your hair care. We have listed some of the most effective and popular range of oils for you to pick and also suggested the brand where you can shop from: 

It’s Your Hair Care Issues vs. Your Favorite Hair Oil 

But it also bears a lot more than you know of, from using the perfect styling products to coloring and pollution to stress. Thus, you need products to revive your hair quality and strengthen your roots. 

Oiling is considered the most ideal and natural way to heal damaged hair, improve blood circulation, and provide moisture to the root. The only point is to shop for the best oil that answers your hair care needs. In the never-ending pursuit for great hair, some brands are diligently experimenting and expanding the horizon of their haircare range. The sudden but well-justified rise of natural products has also paved the way for them and their choice of ingredients to evolve. 

One such brand is Mamaearth, and its hair care products are currently making some news because of its wide array of hair oils made using only natural and toxin-free ingredients. These products go well with every hair type and hair care need. 

It also takes pride in housing the best range of hair fall control shampoo, oils, and conditioners. From launching its onion range to embracing the benefits of the age-old combination of Bhringraj and Amla, you will find a proven solution for all your hair care woes herein! 

Its hair care range also includes other potent products like Tea Tree Hair Oil, Almond Oil, and Rice Hair Oil. So, let’s dive into the hair oil range offered by this brand and find our ideal hair oil for hair growth.

  1. Onion Oil 

Besides being a kitchen essential, onion is also praised for its hair growth benefits. It is rich in sulfur and is considered a prized ingredient because it removes infection on the scalp and increases blood circulation. You should opt for a natural and gentle onion hair oil that is enriched with some potent healing components to treat hair fall and foster hair growth. 

For example, the one offered by Mamaearth is furnished with the natural goodness of Redensyl, castor oil, amla oil, bhringraj oil, almond oil, and onion seed oil. All of which makes it a wholesome remedy to heal the damaged scalp and nurture the hair growth process. 

As the best hair oil for hair growth in the market, it keeps your worries about hair fall and dryness at bay. However, we recommend that you massage your scalp with it before washing your hair with the best hair fall control shampoo for a better result. 

  1. BhringAmla Oil

You might be aware of the wonders that Bhringraj and Amla could offer to your hair care needs. The age-old Ayurveda and today’s technology is what Mamaearth BhringAmla Oil brings to the table. It amalgamates these two high-grade ingredients with other nourishing elements to boost your hair, from root to tip. Its non-greasy formula and rich formulation make this oil an excellent recipe for hair growth. 

Bhringraj is known to be the king of herbs, and Amla acts as a growth booster for your damaged hair follicle. Besides, Brahmi and Baheda lend intense moisturization to the hair cortex, thus improving blood circulation. No wonder, it is a top ranker among the best hair oil for hair growth in India.

  1. Almond Oil 

Remember the time when eating almonds was the perfect kick start for the day? Then, using Almond Oil could be an easy (and smart) way of serving your hair care needs. Often known for its nutritional merits and multitasking approach, almond oil acts on fizziness, non-manageable hair, and hair thinning while also lending immense shine to the tresses. 

Mamaearth offers the natural goodness of almond oil with the oils of jojoba and avocado to prepare a holistic remedy for hair growth. Being enriched with vitamin E only makes it better. This potent composition penetrates the deepest layer of roots and helps newer strands to erupt. 

Note: However, if hair fall is bothering you, you should opt for a sulfate-free hair fall control shampoo after massaging your hair with Almond oil. Also, don’t forget to use a conditioner and a proper hair fall treatment.

  1. Tea Tree Hair Oil

Hair growth is affected by a host of factors, and bacterial infection and a damaged scalp are the major ones that are seldom talked about. Not only does it stop hair growth, but it also causes split-ends and hair thinning. To rescue your hair from all the possible damages caused by dandruff, itchiness, and dryness, we recommend you use something safe and gentle, like a Tea Tree Hair Oil. 

Packed with the richness of Salicylic Acid, Ginger, and Bhringraj, this hair oil is a superfood for your hair and an effortless way to achieve the hair of your dreams. The tea tree is loaded with antifungal and antibacterial properties. You can best reap the benefits of tea tree oil when its medicinal properties are infused in the hair oil. So, take your concerns off and buy Mamaearth Tea Tree oil, the best hair oil for hair growth.

In Conclusion 

Hair wellness starts when you decide to pay heed to your hair needs. Then, with a balanced diet, regular exercise, stress-free life, and more importantly, having an ideal hair oil for hair growth, no one can stop you from achieving the hair texture that you have always dreamed of. 

Taking down the road of gentle and plant-based hair products is a sure-shot formula for winning the haircare game. Your hair is precious, and we know you would not like to lose it. So, grab your pack of goodness online today and let your bouncy tresses chase the wind!