4 Ideas – How To Design Your Child’s Small Bedroom




Designing a bedroom for your child is tricky- even more so if you’ve got a small bedroom to decorate. You need ample space for their toys, reading books, and a comfy bed. Oh, and of course, you can’t forget to add an artistic touch to make the small bedroom look snug and serene.

How do you fit in all of this to decorate the room to suit your child’s preferences? Bedrooms are supposed to lull you into a sense of familiarity, becoming a haven where your child can spend a peaceful time.

Four Spacious Ideas For Compact Bedroom

Don’t start panicking because you’ve stumbled on the right blog. Make the room look spacious and awe-worthy all in one. It’s not impossible! Here are four small bedroom ideas for your little one.

1.      Foldable Furniture Does The Trick

Multi-functional and foldable furniture are excellent space creators. They add elegance to the room and create more storage as well. That makes them one of the best ideas for a compact bedroom for your child.

You can install a foldable desk that acts as a shelf and a writing table for your child. You can put books and art material on the shelves and fold the desk when your child isn’t using it.

You can also go for multi-functional chairs that make for great organizers as well. The chairs are great for when your child has their friends over. You can store some toys under these chairs. That helps you clean up after your child’s playtime as well. Clever, isn’t it?

2.      Add A Wallpaper To The Ceiling

Are you looking for a brilliant ceiling hack for the bedroom of your child? You’d be surprised to know that adding wallpaper on the ceiling can help make any small room look roomier. A wallpaper that matches the overall theme of your child’s room makes the walls look taller. As a bonus, wallpapered ceilings also add airiness to the space to make your child relax.

Plus, having your child gaze at the aesthetic and comforting ceiling can make them sleep a restful night’s sleep as well!

3.      Go For A Loft Bed

If you’re looking for creative small bedroom ideas, go for loft beds. A loft bed is perfect for compact spaces because you can utilize the area under the bed however your child likes.

You can place a small and soft rug under the bed to make it a play area for your child. Or, you can add some soothing led lighting to convert the space into a mini reading area. You can even use the space under the loft bed to place toy baskets or mini chairs.

4.      Bright Colour Schemes Do Wonder

Bright rooms are funkier. Children love some bold and sharp colours- it appeals to their exuberant moods. You can go for brighter tones like zesty orange, yoke yellow, lush green, etc.

Bright colour schemes can even make your child’s small bedroom seem vast. That’s the reason why selecting the correct colour scheme is crucial when designing the bedroom of your child. 

There are several trinkets you can include. Be it vibrant chairs or colourful wall hangings. You can even place bright-toned rugs and cushions to offer a unique radiance to the room that makes your child feel happier, and their room looks bigger.

Final Thoughts

These four small bedroom ideas are a few charming ways to make your child’s room look cosy and roomy. While you’re designing the room, be sure to get your child’s input as much as possible. That helps the children feel involved, and hence, they’re more likely to love their new bedrooms.

Happy Room Décor For The Precious Ones!