3 of the Best Ways to Celebrate a Milestone Birthday




Whether you adore all the attention and presents on your birthdays, or you’d rather not tell anyone when your birthday is to avoid the fuss, there’s no doubt that milestone birthdays are a different kind of celebration. Even if you don’t want a lot of fuss, milestone birthdays are exciting times and memories that you should treasure – especially the ones that occur mid or later in life, so that you can evaluate how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved and spend extra time surrounded by your loved ones. 

Why Celebrate a Milestone Birthday? 

Milestone birthdays are a way for you to tick off how much you’ve accomplished or even decide on the direction you want to take your life. Some milestone birthdays are more exciting than others, such as your 21st, if it means you can do a lot more than you used to do – like getting ready to legally drink, buy a car, or think about your next exciting career move. No matter how you like to celebrate your birthdays (and life), milestone birthdays are a key celebration to be had, ones that your loved ones will eagerly want to share with you. 

3 Best Ways to Celebrate

  1. Tick Something Extreme Off Your Bucket List

Because certain milestone birthdays can have you thinking about what you have accomplished (and would like to accomplish), like the big 3-0, they can also be key opportunities to check something off your bucket list

This could be something that has you step completely out of your comfort zone, something that terrifies you, or something that you feel you’ve waited too long to indulge in. So, whether it’s solo traveling, skydiving, volunteering in a different country, or even taking the plunge and proposing to your significant other – it’s up to you how you’d like to celebrate your birthday!

  1. Throw a Party and Go All Out

If you’re a huge fan of birthday parties, then your milestone birthday party should be bigger and more extravagant than any other. It’s the perfect opportunity for a little extra indulgence and celebration, so you may want to switch up a casual birthday gathering to a formal affair at a huge venue with private bartenders, caterers, and even live entertainment. Make sure to plan something special and memorable. 

  1. Take a Trip and Celebrate for Longer

Who says your milestone birthday only has to last one day? It’s an exciting time, after all, and you may want to extend the festivities for as long as possible. Taking a trip is the best opportunity for this, as you can make a one-week, two-week, or even a month’s vacation into a milestone birthday celebration. Take a trip with family and friends to enjoy the celebration even more, or you may even want to do a little soul-searching during a solo trip and take a few months out of your everyday routine to reconnect with yourself and what you want for your life.